Daughter of the risen one! (:

June 6, 2010


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The heroes.
Boomer. His main function is to boom hahahahah. First one to die.
But effective in killing opponent along with it.
Spitter. She.. spits hahaha.
Smoker. I have no idea what he does. HAHAHHA
Tank. Uhh I think he smashes people LOL.
Charger. LOL. Uhh, I don’t get what it has got to do with charging but anw-.-
Hunter. Apparently, I still don’t get what it does.
Jockey. It pounces LOL.

L4D2 characters according to sabby:

Jockey jumps onto the humans, drags person away or make them fall from a very tall ledge 

Hunter: crouch before you jump, the higher = the more damage you cause. CTRL to crouch.
When hunters alone, attack and hunters can’t see you.

Boomer: bomb. from distance hide / run behind then spray gas and let them shoot you so you explode.

 Spitter: weak but can spray acid.
Hide in a tall place so when humans all in a group spray acid, hide and wait for recharge

Smoker: strangle humans, hide in tall place or wait till one of them is alone

Charger: from out of nowhere aim properly and charge at humans, lots of damage

Tank: kill like crazy

Cindy loves me :D HAHAHPlayed L4D2 with tertiary people just now.
Quite fun ba.
I think I survive longer as the survivors LOL.
Motion sickness though :/
I played for 53 minutes then gave up.
@-@ I felt so whoozy.
LOL. And I can’t sleep now ):
Kwan Shyan and Sherman dyed their hair :D
Hahah got people say Shermy looks like YeShen from behind LOL.
Tsk Sherm, you are really turning into him le -.-
Kwan keeps proclaiming he’s a gangster xD LOL!
HAHHAAH I think you will die out there LOL.

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