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July 4, 2010

My wierd me.

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In service yesterday, I was fretting about grades and my up coming UT2 as usual ):
Not that I really care much about grades but its a sort of fear.
To do worst than everyone else :/
The higher you climb the harder you fall. Scary.

Here’s my UT schedule:

05 /07/2010 (Monday) — Cognitive Process and Problem Solving
07/07/2010 (Wednesday) — Enterprise skills
09/07/2010 (Friday) — Science
13/07/2010 (Tuesday) — Math
15/07/2010 (Thursday) — Communication
Yupp, and I haven’t studied. No I’m not trying to do stunt :/
But yesterday after the movie as I decided to re-commit my life, God spoke so ever tenderly.
Yea, outward appearances can deceive.
But yes, Satan is still trying to pull me down again.
I told God I was worried about my grades. That I wouldn’t do well.
Results aren’t achievements you should collect.
Just like that. And my mind whirled.
OF COURSE. How stupid I’ve been :/
Results aren’t my achievements, there aren’t for me to boast about or even use it merely as a testimony.
They are for others to see and know that God is in my life!
How? I don’t know, but God works in strange and mysterious ways.
So I should just do my best and God will take care of everything else.
Maybe He’s purposely going to allow bad grades.
But you know what? I should take it in stride.
Because He has SPOKEN.
I am to do NOTHING about these grades.
Because that will be a channel for people to Him.

Yes so dear young studying readers please don’t anyhow use this as an excuse.

I’ve been thinking. I know my way of thinking is wierd and all that.
Does weirdness radiates through me?
Cause I often find people glancing past their shoulders at me.
Ok, not glancing. Sometimes staring as they walk past or I walk past.
The old, young, female, male, homosexuals I don’t know?
And no, it can’t be because I am wearing revealing clothes or anything.

In fact ask anyone, I dress sloppy. LOL.

And I’m not extraordinary pretty or anything.
And I’m not doing anything wierd am I?
Unless you consider shuffling my feet or walking wierd.
What is more intriguing is that people often stop and stare.
LOL. And I seriously wonder what’s mine or their problem -.-
Ok, maybe I’m being insecure but I don’t know why people do that all the time.
It’s annoying. Like I have something stuck to me or something. LOL.

I guess if mind readers do exist, they’d stay out of my mind.

Why? Cause not only do my thoughts sometimes fight among themselves.
They are as fast as random thoughts.
And all sorts of complicated and maybe crazy stuffs.
Perhaps if others were to have my mind, they’d go crazy.
Well yes it’s irritating to have all these thoughts whizzing around.
Can you answer questions in split seconds?
My mind works that way.
It answers its own questions most of the time :/
Stupid but yes, my mind seems to work much more than I do -.-
I wonder why I’m not in the IMH.
Perhaps I should have been driven crazy by now.
I find myself intriguing sometimes (:
Ah well, I am a wonderful creation (haha).

Well, I better get on with my last minute studying. As usual. (: The letter 2 with lover has to wait!


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