Daughter of the risen one! (:

July 9, 2010

One suggestion.

Filed under: Blibical, Random crap (: — CynthiaAcacia @ 12:34 am

One suggestion to ALL people who know me in real life.

If you don’t like my mistakes, my messes and my ruinage I suggest you stop even being my friend.

 Because I do all those very often. It’s who I am and no, I will always be doing that my entire life. I’m not perfect and I’m not normal. I was not, am not and never will be. I am Cynthia Acacia, I am wierd and I think differently. Accept that or really, I rather we cut ties than have you all get so worked up and me getting my heart bruised and cut. I don’t appreciate people mentioning my past wrongdoings and messes. Every day is supposed to be a new life for me, not another day to get reminded of what I did. I’m never one who’d follow the crowd, bandwagon fallacy. I suggest you all get out of your old thinking and get on with a new one because I plan to ignore all these people soon. They are not doing my life any good because whatever they says guilts me. A new mistake in the same area is also a new mistake. Associate it with the old and I will never ever open up to you. EVER. I hate it when people tell me white lies, lies and whatever. It’s not that I want to be gullible, I just want to trust you. Misuse it again and I can confirm you that you can jolly well never see me any deeper than that.

Heart, I’m so sorry that you had to went through all these. You will experience a better environment now cause we are both going to shut these people out of my life.

Good riddance.


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