Daughter of the risen one! (:

July 18, 2010

Let me think.

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True isn’t it? That’s Christianity for you.
It’s not all in the mind, it’s all in the calling.
As far and as much as my God is awesome and powerful,
telltale signs of the end of the world are becoming more and more obvious.
Blessed are those who fall not away from me during these times.
Truth is many are already falling away spiritually.
They’re hanging by a thread of friendships which could break,
at any signs of harsh persecution.
As much as I would like to say people around me,
people whom I know are doing well.
Sadly to say I see into their lives and no,
many are not doing well.

Many have left God out of the picture,

many have left God out of part of their lives.
Many have been spiritually down,
many have been spiritually depleting.
How many more will that be?
Still many are lying to themselves,
sometimes I weep at their stupidity,
sometimes it’s so ironic I laugh,
You know,
as much as God is calling me,
Satan is luring me.
Yes, it’s time to use my discernment again.
Yes it’s time to exercise my office gift again.

Yes, it’s time for a word from God,

it’s time to prophesy individually into their lives.
Yes, it’s time for me to see the horror of their lives,
it’s time for me to be strengthened through it,
it’s time for me to speak.
And this time,
I have to stand up and be the change I want to see.
And this time,
although they may not listen,
as much as my score on the spiritual gifts is not as high as them
I must still do it.

That’s who God made and called me to be.

I cannot ignore my calling as a prophetess anymore.
As much as I just want to leave church and see those people rot,
as much as I don’t want to carry that burden,
because people are just so selfish and unappreciative.
As much as I am unwilling,
I am petrified by the insults they are going to lure at me,
what will they say this time?
That I’m spiritually incompetent?
That it’s not true?
But in time, God will reveal His glory,
that I have spoken nothing but the truth.

*All of the above I may or may not do.

Because I too am in denial.
And I may leave.
It reflects badly,
but do your know how much I’m just experiencing?

Lord, look at your child.

And tell her what you see.


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