Daughter of the risen one! (:

July 29, 2010


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  1. I want to feed my mind with “good” thoughts. Meals and not just occasional treats: bite-sized God words!
  2. The bible is not only a sword, it’s a doubled edged sword! What more it comes with a God-sized shield~
  3. My spiritual life is doing great! Thank the Almighty Lord for all those amazing people He used!
  4. I still love Nathaniel’s blog! Hahahs :X Almost to the end, and amazingly he entertains me to the max.
  5. Countdown to 15 days before start of holidays!
  6. I need to start studying and revising real soon. Like tomorrow.
  7. Pastor Jeff rocks big time! Awesome teaching out there last week!
  8. I have to wait for next ministry drive to get into Decor. That sucks but oh well.
  9. I am really excited about serving God in Decor, I wonder how He’s going to use me? Whatever it is, I want to do it to my very best! =)
  10. I want to experience more lives being saved personally this year, here I am USE ME!
  11. Temptations. Repentance must be full. Total, complete continual repentance! Account to God about such actions, thoughts. It’s either judgement or blessings. I’m gonna choose the latter!
  12. The Holy spirit whispers, it won’t scream at your face! So in order to be in sync hurry up and get closer with God!
  13. After some time, we tend to forget how we met certain people, not because it was not memorable but because every time you are with them you enjoy it.
  14. Somehow I feel lost, I don’t know what else I can do for your Kingdom. I WANT TO DO MORE MORE MORE!
  15. Guilt comes from Satan, clearing of conscience comes from God!
  16. I’m gonna have a retreat with God, a day whereby i speak with no one else, but with God. Leave everything at home, take a walk out into nature with just my bible, a notebook and a pen. Hope to find that luxury during my holidays! Where’d want to go God?
  17. HOOWAH :D I seriously find Qian Jin a super nice name, can I name my son that! OMG :D Very easy to use it to act cute also HAHAHAHA aiyo, but it’s really very cute. Like little kid writing. Except that D: He’s 20 T-T OMG.
  18. Every time we are angry, we tend to stab a person many times in our minds. Stab stab stab!
  19. Life is like a coin, you can look at it positively or negatively. In scenarios, you have one constant, that would be God whom is present in all circumstances. So, you can look at things positively just for that fact that the King who loves you is watching. Even when you turn your back on Him.
  20. When temptation becomes a choice what do you do?
  21. I wonder if unsalty salt is insolvable?
  22. When God wants t speak, He can speak like nobody’s business x.x woah God.
  23. When the air is thick with anticipation, God COMES as the church stands UNITED in the face of God! WOAHHHH :B
  24. It’s not the circumstances but the choices that makes a man , well, a man!
  25. All rights I should sleep now :P Nights


  1. Amazing.

    Comment by burpee seeds — July 29, 2010 @ 8:17 am

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