Daughter of the risen one! (:

July 30, 2010


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God’s been screaming at me to DESIRE MORE!!!! D:
And I’ve been struggling with human standards.
I should let God overtake this soon.
Kind of remind me of when I started out as a Christian.
My desire was numerous and ambitious.
Many not God-given, many just fantasies.
Here’s the list, sometimes it makes me want to laugh:
  1. Singer. Hahahs not lead singer but just singer. Well, I just don’t feel the calling to be one now. Maybe I will next time =) Hopefully.
  2. Decor Leader. Hahaha =D Yea! It was my ambition to be part of Decor since Youth but now the calling’s stronger and more urgent. I want to fulfill this calling! But not thinking as far as yet to be a Decor leader But yes! I hope to! Imagine leading people to beautify God’s church, I think it’s simply an honour and a blessing (:
  3. CL, UL, DL! Hahahha ya that was my desire and my ambition for the kingdom. I mean, I can’t describe it but the feeling is just simply awesome. Leading side by side with God :D
  4. Full-time church staff ( future ) HAHA :D Yes, it was another of my GOD I WANT TO DO THIS! thing lol.
  5. Psychologist. Omg ): I wanted to work in a mental hospital. I mean, really. I WANT TO WORK THERE! So if I have a chance to go university that will be the first thing I’m applying for!
  6.  Army. Hahahaha :B I wanted to be a commando there lor. LOL, but apparently my voice is CMI la. Even mice find it hard to hear me ROFL.
  7. Hairdresser. Hahas, I mean, if I can style hair on paper maybe I can do it real life? Ok, fantasy -.-
Well, that’s it.
So apparently desiring to be a shepherd of two and Decor Leader isn’t enough for my plan He has willed.
Well well, I don’t know what else =/ I mean, I thought Decor Leader was far-fetched enough.
I mean, look at me. So ever disobedient and always rampaging into walls.
Amazingly, God thinks so highly of me =) LOL.

If desires do not capture reality,

perhaps it’s just fantasy.


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