Daughter of the risen one! (:

August 1, 2010

I am a little little tortise *DANCES* =D

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. I feel so Paisei right now. LOL.

I just asked Shreedhee what ” You are sensitive towards others.” means.
hahas cause I remembered that was what Leanne (tortise AHHAHA)
said to me on a particular CG day.
Lol anyway I am being called turtle in class as well
cause people claimed that I look like a tortise (when I wear specs)! D:
And thus was adopted as A PET?!?! =.=
Three dead tortises burnt to death D:
Which one do you want to be Liyan =D

Oh ahaha, ok back to story.

Privately hahas.
Funny thing was that when CG started I gave a black face.
LOL. Cause I’m never good with emotions.
After Desmond talked to me,
I was completely pissed off.
I forgotten what I needed to say and do.

Oh well. OVERCOME!

I murded Desmond don’t know how many times already >:(
And he still won’t die. >:(
Oh and Liyan >< I AM SO SORRY!!!!!
See? D: I am a difficult person :/ Oh well.
But thank God for YOU!
Yay =D

When I dance, God rejoices!

*Dances happily* =D


 to the freedom we KNOW!


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