Daughter of the risen one! (:

August 2, 2010


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Thinking about this, God refused to let me sleep yesterday.
He made me stay WIDE AWAKE to reflect on shepherds.
To think of it and to tell the truth, I don’t like shepherds =/

And I realised the root issue.

It’s not because of their personality / character.
It’s really just because I dislike having the word “shepherd” in my life.
I mean it’s kind of wierd to think about it.
I am happy with having CL, UL and DL but I just disliked the word “shepherd”.
LOL. LMAO. I am so wierd.
Yes, this mean whoever is my shepherd, I will still dislike.
Even if it’s my lovable Regina ):

Woah and I am seriously troubled by it.

Like why. And I am reluctant to post this as well,
cause sure will get asked.
Hais, but I promised God that this is the place that my life is transparent.
Now please don’t start ASKING ME ):
Or asking me if there’s something I haven’t say or whatever.
Cause I’m feeling uncomfortable about this.
And no -.- stubborn me does not wish to step out of my comfort zone currently.
And I don’t really get why it’s like this either -.-
Sure, I can pretend that my shepherd is my friend or whatever.
But the thing is, I can’t.
Whoever presents themselves as a shepherd of mine just pisses me-.-

Funny thing is I’m okay with God.

Guess I look to Him more as a God, friend, father, brother than a shepherd.
Is there any conditions regarding about being allergic to the word “shepherd”?

 Oh shepherd of my soul,

maker of my heart.

Keeper of my life,

I will follow.


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