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August 15, 2010


Filed under: Blibical — CynthiaAcacia @ 1:35 am

I’m begining to doubt the words from people. As much as you pray to have unity, you have to work to achieve unity and maintain it. I don’t know, somehow I cannot understand why I don’t feel as loved as I am with you people compared to my class. It’s not good to be comparing and being judgmental, I know. But this is the fact. This isn’t the meaning which “family” derives from. This is utterly crap, lies and bullshit. Yea you know what? I don’t understand, tell me God. This isn’t what it should be isn’t it? I remember one of the factors that attracted people was the family they sensed in a group. Always have and always will be. Somehow I also realised that unknowingly, one of the factors for people leaving is that they feel a sense of belonging elsewhere. Wake up. Before people see unity, they see family.

To all the people who left:



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