Daughter of the risen one! (:

August 22, 2010

Wish upon the stars

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Talked to WeiLoong about like all the random things.

 They made me do chicken and monkey over and over again ):
Cross-eyed LOL. They can’t do it haha.
WeiLoong kept saying after Kwan left that
someone is really a nice, kind, caring and sweet person HAHA.
Rare times where we both agree with each other.
LOL ok it’s a guy, not in RP LOL.
LOL ok WeiLoong stop making me feel jealous ):
But thanks for accompanying me to get off the train and wait for next train.
LOL cause Sir Kah Wee inside >< (Sir Desmond got off at JE)
These are the times I find you not BAD HAHAH
I know I know la WeiLoong -.- He’s a very good guy, very RARE.
Glad you know HAHAH. Aiya, but really very rare.
He’s indeed a man of God.
Know what I see in him? It’s that. I saw what your all (GIRLS) failed to see.
And judging by that,
he’s already 528976123890 times better than any guys ya even Koreans LOL.
Ok WeiLoong I don’t have that fortune man ):
WeiLoong says I’m a domineering person -.-
So naturally need to find someone that can domineer over me,
without me feeling threatened.
Ok that’s quite hard to achieve HAHAHAH.

These are the times where I wished I was older.


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