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August 25, 2010

God makes a way.

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I realised that I’ve been blind.

Hey, yea I’ve been blind ): Blinded to the gifts I’ve been given.
How stupid I was.
God does answer my prayers. It’s just that I’m not aware.
He takes my prayers seriously, He tests me to see if I’m true to my word.
He tested me after I made the prayer that no matter what happens to me, I will still serve Him.

And He tested me.

God gives me good gifts, I remember back then I did not have the gift of encouragement.
Yea, I was wondering why I had it now too.
As I was pondering, I finally realised why.


I had made that prayer months back, I was broken.
Truly broken and desperate for it.
I couldn’t help these people, how could I have forgotten so easily?
God, you know I harbour a dislike for this person now.
But I remember I made that desperate cry of help. Amongst them was this person.

This person whom I had trusted a lot, but distrusted me then, which made me lose my trust too.

This is indescribable God. I don’t know how I should feel.
But I think you’re an awesome God. I want to trust my life to you.

God show me how to love in a world that does not love nor understand me.

I don’t know what you have in stall for my life God, but I trust it will be no less than great for you are a great God. Let me be a powerful vessel, use me for I’m going all out for you this time. How real can you be? The world must know of your name, your story, your love. Not mine but yours. Man, God. When my life ends and I see you in heaven, I want to watch the clip of how you’ve worked through my life with a big smile on your face. I want you to tell me:” Good job, my child! I am so proud of you!” This life, wants not a good but a godly ending.


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