Daughter of the risen one! (:

August 25, 2010


Filed under: Blibical — CynthiaAcacia @ 8:29 pm

Today, as I was searching for my phone I found 40 bucks :D
MUAHAHAHAHAH! God is good to me (:
Just when I am broke ): LOL. Thank you God :P
Thank you for hiding those 40 bucks ><
And making me so careless and lazy to find them (:
So that I can spend it now :D HAHAA.
Hurhur, seriously God I do not know how to use the gift of encouragement ):
To me its an awkward gift, cause although I have a natural gift of sweet-talking,
I simply don’t like to encourage people -.-” Haha.

I don’t know how they will react inside you see.

People sometimes do not like encouragement, they prefer to wallow in sadness.
Plus, I’m a person who is on extreme ends.
Yea, so when I’m harsh my words cut deep.
I guess people will find me very fake then?
Who would encourage and let the person find so much strength on one hand
and can so easily just destroy the whole person with the same lips?
I’m a bad person :/ I destroy easily.
Ahh well, I guess I will figure it out.

Even God’s greatest warriors can fall,

 if their guard is let down.


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