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September 1, 2010

People come and go.

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I’m soooooo tired God ):

Ok, it’s part due to me sleeping so late LOL. 5+ in the morning sleep. Zzz.

You know, people come and go in your life.
Feelings strengthen and fade.
Life’s  precious moments remembered and made,
then many a times just forgotten and erased.
Leaders who’ve made a big impact on your life,
you suddenly see yourself becoming more like them.
Suddenly, they’re not as amazing as you’ve last seen them to be.
The lessons they’ve taught still etched deeply within you,
but suddenly they seemed just like you.

As I began growing in Christ,

I see myself expecting more of others and myself,
I see potential in everyone to be great leaders as long as they walked in the Word,
I see people rising up and claiming G’s promises.
Suddenly, the possibility of spiritual giants all around seemed more of a reality than a fantasy.
I know and I see new B’s walking towards the light,
I see them admiring stronger people around them,
I see them outgrowing these victors.
Yet I still see many leaving the righteous path,
I see sheeps straying away from the pasture.
I see broken hearts and dreams which left them in doubt,
I see despondent souls and anger manifestation.

Yet I believe the saying is true,

humans have free will and they sent their souls to a truce,
with the Father of Evil they soak in the highs of the world.
Whoever rejects the Word will end up in the furnace,
they will end up in suffering and misery.
Perhaps this is too good to be true to the world but:
Christians aren’t suffering now,
in fact they can enjoy themselves both in this world and in Heaven.
God’s hand of blessing shalt never leave them,
they will be of a vessel to impact many,
they will be of a light in this world of darkness.
The prince of Evil reigns on Earth
but the prince of righteousness reigns in Heaven and is to be of a second coming on Earth!

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