Daughter of the risen one! (:

September 5, 2010


Filed under: Blibical — CynthiaAcacia @ 9:14 pm

My whole life is a darn mess. God, a little help here?

I want to scream that I hate being misunderstood all the time,
my actions and words being misinterpreted like always and a damn life I’m having.
I want to curse my life for being jumbled up,
that people in my life are just getting out of hand.
I want to shout at the people in my life,
Why the heck do your not know that your hurt me as well,
just because I do not say it doesn’t mean I’m only the one making a mistake.
Lastly, I would had liked to tear myself apart for still living this damn life.
But God,
you know that you’ve put me through these situations countless times for me to know better,
I’m not going to scream, nor shout nor curse.

I’m going to grow. Beat that Satan.


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