Daughter of the risen one! (:

September 7, 2010

Lover of my soul.

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What do you know, people? :/ I fell asleep like a dead animal yesterday.
In the end only managed to rush through a few of the 6Ps.

But..as usual, God rocks! :D

  1. Kwan’s and Shermy’s questions yesterday helped me clear some of my doubts as well. HAH!
  2. I was able to recap due to Yicong uncertainty of some topics. Thank God seriously, I would have been so lazy to go through one by one ):
  3. Thank God for Ctrl+D / Ctrl+H If not my test, good game.
  4. Thank God for Alvin! :) I told him I didn’t study haha. And he passed me his totally pro notes :D PHEW! xD
  5. UT3 is easier than UT2 although not as easy as UT1  HAHAHAH.
I called and you answered, God you’re awesome.
Even though I’m totally undeserving of this wonderful grace):

I somehow find this nice, okay I’m sub-ing in my name. It’s adapted from Nel’s Facebook

Someone told Acacia: ” You are beautiful woman in G” 

Acacia replied ” Of course, G created Acacia and there is only ONE ACACIA on earth. If she died, there be no more liao” * silent*

– We are ALL wonderfully and fearfully made

HAHAHA NICE! I’m so going to live by this :)

Oh and I sort of like to say : ” Zombieees.” now LOL.

When I get to Heaven Lord, remember me still!


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