Daughter of the risen one! (:

September 7, 2010

Wrong wrong wrong.

Filed under: Blibical, Rantings — CynthiaAcacia @ 11:41 pm

What to say? To you, everything I do is wrong.

Everything I say, also wrong.
Not say you, I also wrong.
You’re like blind like nobody’s business.
Oh God tell me which part was I so stupid to be deceived?
Anyway, I don’t believe it’s the clique’s fault anymore.
I think they don’t like you because of well, you.
You’re just indescribably, incomparable. In a bad way.
You know I once thought it was because they had perceptual errors of you?

Well, I guess I’m wrong.

The bigger part of it is your character and personality isn’t it?
You say nobody understands you.
Well nobody understands me yet they don’t hate me for who I am.
I guess, it’s pretty much your attitude.
To them you’re understandable unlike me.
It’s just your incorrigible attitude.
I think you need waking up.

When Kinder told me about what you did,

did you know I refused to believe?
And I was wrong not to.
Even after knowing his current situation,
even after getting one-on-one with him.
You still did that?
You still asked?
Tell you what. It spoiled the image of Christians for him.
Putting others needs above yourself?
I do wonder if you consistently practise what you preach.

I thought I could refresh my whole image of you.

Yet, you proved me wrong again.
Tell me, after trust.

You want me to be insecure towards you as well?


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