Daughter of the risen one! (:

September 16, 2010

Lols =)

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LOLs. Wei Loong says I’m more relational now compared to the past. Although just as wierd-.-“
Hehe it means (=
I’ve adapted to the situation and tried to make people understand what I’m saying lol.
Candace says Cheryl is a romantic person, lol too bad I’m not :)
I appreciate it, but I have goosebumps LOL.

I think life is like a long car ride and we’re like people zooming in different kinds of cars.

And the car G coincidentally showed me is a mercedes.

LOL. At least I think it is, but I really don’t know ):

Not this colour, it’s like a quaint red. I think :/ LOL.

He posed this question: What is the song of your life?
Lol, that really set me thinking about who’s really in the driver seat, what we do when the car meets with an obstruction, what the car is really fueling on.
Is G in the driver seat? Is the car fueling on the holy spirit? What is the music that the car is playing?
I think all these are very important.

If our life is driven by things other than G, it’s very often we will run into wrong places, if our life is not fueled by the holy spirit, how tired we will often be with life! And if the song of our life does not have G in the main picture, then the direction the car is heading to, is not to G!

I like to think that G putsus on different routes but one final same destination, only the ones who have lived by obedience, faith and in purity will complete the race to the ultimate destination.

I know and I know that many people are not putting G and His kingdom, His people in their lives. Many is a vague word, I know. But I believe that the many I’m talking about is perhaps more than those who are really pleasing G.

I’ve been thinking and feeling rather ashamed of myself.
I mean G, I know this all along but really? Blame it on my withering endurance.
Prayer life G, you cannot emphasize enough how important it is.
It’s important for ALL Christians to lead powerful, consistent, purposeful and enduring prayer lives.
And I am very ashamed to say I’m not being consistent.
Yes I’m being frank with you people out there, I’m not being consistent.
From now on, I’m going to pray until G is touched.
Yes damnit, I’m going to pray till heaven bows down.
LOL, this is so easy to say, easy to get convicted, difficult to implement, difficult to stay consistent.
A christian without a prayer life is like a person without a soul. Yes.
How can I even prophesy outwardly, seriously G, slap me.
Hidden sins, you’re so going to get crushed under my foot.

Btw, lol. I wonder what’s prominent in me?


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