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September 23, 2010

Godamn you retarded school.

Filed under: Uncategorized — CynthiaAcacia @ 2:09 pm

Thank you for cheating my feeling, tomorrow is the last day.

Thank you for giving me false hope, I don’t like to curse people but I just hope your all burn.

Thank you for never keeping your promises, damn you every single one of you.

Where’s my phone call? Where’s my long awaited email? I never get them back.

Thank you for being a irresponsible school, please just burn down.

I hope it will be on your guilty conscience when I get into depression.

Thank you for never sparing me a thought, this is a godamn fear damn you.

When are your going to take action? When I go into the mental hospital?

Thank you all for cheating on my feelings, I never felt so cheated in my life before.

I hope you all just die, burn in hell Republic Polytechnic. Your name itself disgusts me.

I would had been glad if there was no God in this world, cause then I could just kill you all.


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