Daughter of the risen one! (:

September 25, 2010


Filed under: Random crap (: — CynthiaAcacia @ 12:45 am

I must stop lying I must stop being a liar stop stop stop stop stop :(
I am so guilty of this. Damn.
A breakthrough in this area is desperately needed >:(
Lols, today Shermy and me volunteered at Science centre for 2 hours.
Had a great time understanding more about Sherman (:
Went dentist, thank God that my teeth is alright now.
And super thank him that the dentist that was supposed to fix my teeth was busy
so a kind sensitive dentist filled it for me instead (: ♥
You must understand I can tolerate any pain except for pain in the teeth :(
I will be shaking and rigid hahah.
Yay Melissa’s coming for first service tomorrow :D
Pray and pray she won’t oversleep.
Hmmm, I really don’t know but I don’t think it will be me Shreedhee :/
Guess I might be a little upset if what I think might happen will really happen.. ):
Monday’s the interview date. Have to bring resume.
Well, I have to revise my resume again I guess >:(
Lmao 1000 deaths why can’t I have access to all. LOL.
Tomorrow’s service :@ heh. OK WRONG MOTIVE SERIOUSLY >:(

6 steps, I will complete them all.


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