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September 29, 2010

What do you want to do before you die?

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What do you want to do before you die?

I have many things I want to do.

I want to show Christ through my life. So that when people see me, they won’t just see me as a Christian, or someone who has grown much or someone who is good. I want them to see Christ, I want His glory to literally speak from my life. That when people see my life, they won’t just say this is someone who walked with Jesus, but that they see Jesus was my salvation and that only through Him that they can truly be saved. Yes, I want to be a better person, breakthroughs, growth barriers..

I know that I’m still far from this one. I know that its hard for people to fathom me, but this is one message that I want people to be clear about. Here’s the thing, no matter how much I procrastinate, I end up doing it. I hate upsetting people, I hate upsetting God. Hate. I don’t believe in it.

I also want to make sure every single one of my friends and relatives get to hear the gospel personally. At the throne, it’s their decision and no longer mine. Well, I don’t exactly have strong feelings for them cause, I’m generally emotionless towards them but that leads to my next point.

I want to have loved. I want to fully grasp the concept of loving people, loving God. I want to love and feel the intensity of it’s mixed emotions. Love is more than a relationship, it’s bonds that directly and indirectly link souls together. Wierd, confusing but I need that type of Godly love. I want to love people the way that God would love them, the different ways that people want to be loved but they sense God in the love.

I want to use my office to glorify Him. I’m probably still at a unstable stage in life and I must get out of it soon. I cannot cannot cannot stay as a spiritual baby. I can grow, but I need your strength to strengthen my weak physical body and your will to be a teachable person. Pride and authority just comes in the way sometimes, I must resist..

Enough said, I don’t really care about other things. It would but be a pleasure if I can take time to admire beautiful things, sceneries and wonders with someone special. Or preferably, alone.


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