Daughter of the risen one! (:

September 30, 2010

Random random (:

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Just read finished reading fruits basket (: Hahhas its good (Y)
Although there’s no apparently link of the story with the name =.=
Hmm, I guess it taught me something about life.
I guess, I don’t see semester two as a continuation of life anymore.
But rather as chapter 2. I don’t know, guess that makes life more interesting.
Knowing that God, will be our finish line.
Everybody wants to feel important.
But the thing that sucks is, the over-confidence that overflows after that.

Planned Holy Communion with Shermy today.

Hope they will like it and more importantly learn from it.
Saw Wei Loong at Library (: Although not surprised haha. Cause I already knew -.-“
Hahhas I don’t know, I guess life won’t be life without him :/
I was just so relieved to see him, like a burden off my chest.
Hahas, okay it’s not like I like him -.-”
I don’t know, it could be the joy (lol). Or something else.
Lmao, I hope he’s able to finish his Personal Profiling with excellence haha.
DIEM won’t have any such thing, it would be a one semester attachment.
Which would probably means saturadays working too.

But hopefully, I can avoid that.

Lol, perhaps it will be one of my fixed and permanent conditions (: haha.
I’m writing lesser and lesser and lesser..
Oh well, tomorrow’s combined Caregroup.
I don’t know, I prefer single caregroup now.
I just don’t see the point of having CG in a unit so often I guess.
Who’s coming? Who’s not?
God, you know that I’m scared..

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