Daughter of the risen one! (:

October 3, 2010


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Today’s event reporting:

My neighbour’s sudden change of attitude when I told her I went church just now was uhh haha. I don’t know. Does the world think so badly of Christians? Or would I say: “Christ”-ians. Hais God, why are all these people corrupting your name on purpose. It’s because of them that my mum doesn’t want to come to Christ too :/ Because of her friend’s son who’s a corrupted pastor who took up that job cause he’s a don’t know what degree student (He says it’s good pay cause whatever the people give he will take). Thanks a lot =.= Really, I hope you get exposed someday. Please get exposed faster, your greed for wealth is disgusting.

I feel ignored today, literally. Well this is what exactly I feared. Ah well this sucks.

Went home with Crystal and Kwan Shyan. Weiloong went CL camp =/ Hais x.x Today saw him many many times. Hahah how “blessed” lol. Alice told me she accidentally said Cynthia de ______ =.= Damn sad. He turned and stare at her. So paisei. I AM NOT CYNTHIA ANYMORE HAHAHAH ><”

God told me: My grace is sufficient, Cynthia you can be a shepherd. Like hais, I told Cheryl that I don’t feel like desiring to be a shepherd cause I’m pretty lousy hahaha. Ok second broadcast by God: Good news, prophesies and visions are going to start bombarding >=) Well, thanks God man.  ^^

Aww and Shreedhee affirmed me~ so encouraging :) hehehhehe :D


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