Daughter of the risen one! (:

October 5, 2010

I’m sho cute heehee ^^

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Lmao, I just read my old blog http://babymerlion.spaces.live.com again.
I just think I’m so cute last time =) hahas! The way I blog lor.
I cannot believe how faith-filled and teachable I was.
Anyway, I’m not complementing myself on purpose haha.
It’s just that it’s amazing. I mean, is that really ME?
That’s it. I need to make that my personal goal.
Faith faith faith! I NEED MORE OF IT!
And I just can’t believe that I said that I want my path of my life journey to be long..
SO that I can learn more?

The roads seems SO LONGGGGG! But God will shorten it (: I’m far from what I’m to become, but its not that I’m not near either. Confusing right? Well, its just that. It depends on God, whether He wants to stretch your path, or shorten it. In either way, I hope its long. Cause can learn more haha.

Omg :/ The now me finds the old me so cute and so willing to learn!
Zzz, now me, you need to have that child-like faith and teachable spirit.
Hmm but now me, I like to affirm you for being wiser ^^
And I have this craving for sushi right now )= *mouth waters*
Hmm, perhaps as I grow I will become wiser and my blog will become more chim haha.
Then when I look back I will find the now me cute too (=
I do hope there will be more wisdom showered into my next chapter of blog.
But hopefully it won’t go to the extent of super chim-nology.

Heehee candace ♥s spongebob ^^


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