Daughter of the risen one! (:

October 5, 2010

Rawr :D

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I’m still reading my old blog x)
God, you pamper me too much hahahahahahha =D
I finally realised why my office has changed -.-” Cause I asked for it to change.
And God’s grace is so sufficient that He not only did not get angry,
He changed it ._.
He didn’t completely take it away and shout at me to say:
Since you don’t treasure it, you shall have none!
>=( Woah that’s scary, but God didn’t.
Hmmm, why uh God?
Teehee ^^ I feel so pampered.
Perhaps it was out of insecurities and fear that I made that request.
But God really (= Now I don’t mind even if you give me both.

Or if you change it back. I really don’t mind (= 

Talked to WeiLoong yesterday in the night. Exchanged prayer requests hahah.
Hmm, although he always likes to bully me -.-
He’s someone I respect and look up to.
I still think you’re an amazing guy (: hahaah! I’m so glad G put you in my life ^^
Thank you for affirming me hahahahahha :D
About that, I will strive to be more serving in all occasions and also to have more wisdom to manage my knowledge hahahhaha.
But what I affirmed you is really from the bottom of my heart also ^^

i’m lucky to have them ba. really. through them, i see how myself change as well. my love for people, my passion for people. that’s why being a shepherd is actually a privlledge. it’s a time where you grow the most. 


hahha lmao. So sweet heh. I think those words are the most heart-felt.
I want to learn to be like you too~ ^^
Oh and I puked just now ): Cause gastric.
And Cynthia please sleep early =.=


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