Daughter of the risen one! (:

October 10, 2010

Back from the dead (=

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Hellos :D I’m back from the dead heehee :D
Congrats to Kwan shyan and junxiang too~
Ooh was really scared to fall backwards,
but when started praying God gave me a vision which made me calm down.
And I literally felt floaty hahahahaha.
Well I saw myself smiling lol. But the vision was like from underwater?
The feeling is awesome (Y) ^^
Like your sins have been really washed away, burdens have been lifted.
You feel fresh, new, energised and ready to conquer the world hahaha!

Today is also the day I got married (: To god.

Thanks Cheryl for giving me the ring hahahha.
Simple ring = simple faith = simple love
Candace asked me what my name meant.
After explaining to her I was pondering about it.
And God showed me a picture of Jesus and the crown of thorns on Him.
Well, I think it’s a happy picture cause Jesus was smiling.
It’s almost as the feeling of re-uniting you know?
As if we’re together again.
And for the first time when I see Jesus,
I feel light and happy. I felt peace.
As if I’ve seen this familiar face everyday.

Well yea, I always felt guilty whenever I thought of Jesus so yea hahahaha.

Like the crown of thorns on His head although hurts Him,
He still bear it.
Hahha same in my life, I constantly hurt God,
but God still loves me :)
God has seen past my thorns and saw me.
I feel really clean! hahaha ^^
And yes, that really made me feel that God has re-united with me throught this marriage.
Like as if we’ve walked down the aisle.
Ahh well I married the perfect man today HAHAHHA ♥
Woohoo husband Jesus (:
Oh oh and thanks people for the cards and flower,
coming to see us drown (LOL) and yicong and melissa ^^
I will do my best to serve you and God >:)
I definetly do not know how God wants to use me in tertiary but,
I want to be a support to my leaders (= Yayyy!
Go go go God! I want to live with a heart and soul that’s pure and untainted!!!

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