Daughter of the risen one! (:

October 11, 2010

Random :P

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I came to realise that I flare up and get negative emotions easily,
when I lose sight of God.
Which is, unfortunately very often.
Tomorrow is back to school ): I scared I cannot wake up LOL.
Yayy 44 people dedicated their lives yesterday :) Double die HAAHAH.

 Lol. Sad ttm Kwan.

 We have received your course transfer appeal from Diploma in Business Applications to Diploma in Technology and Arts Management.

After considering your appeal, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accede to your request, as you cannot meet the Cut-off Point (COP) of the course for which you are seeking entry. The Minimum Entry Requirement (MER) and COP are requirements to ensure that students are able to cope with the demands of the course and that the places are allocated fairly according to merit.

The decision of Republic Polytechnic in approving or rejecting the Course Transfer will be final, and appeals will not be entertained.

 But I think G really blessed me >:) Since I didn’t exactly meet the requirements either haha.


We have received your course transfer appeal from Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning to Diploma in Integrated Events Management.
We are pleased to inform you that you have met all the conditions for the course transfer. You will be officially transfer to Diploma in Integrated Events Management with the effect from AY10/11 Semester 2.
For academic matters regarding your new diploma, kindly approach your Programme Chair, Ong Yuin Ling (email: ong_yuin_ling@rp.sg)
Thank you.

I want to focus my compass *POINTSPOINTS*

I really don’t hope to go through life and at the end of the day,

people won’t even know that I’m a Christian.

That will suck, really.

God’s presence should be so real that even the blurest people realise.

But you’ll never know.

People tend to see me on my outside and think that I’m buddhist LOL.

Cause look chinese hahah! Lamer.


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