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October 17, 2010

Oh lol lol lol :D

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Yay =) Today ESS got one convert from RP~
From SOH year one heheheheheh :D
Saw Quan Sheng on the way back,
we chatted all the way to my home and we stayed downstair to talk.
Until 12.30 he left hahahah.
Aiya but thanks for walking home LOL,
the plan was to actually walk to the entrance but..hahhahaha.
Catched up a little and shared with him about what’s happened currently.
He told me to read the story of Elijah.
I think it really is relevant to my life, hahahahahha!
Elijah calling in life is like mine and really, I enjoy his story.
Well God, late bloomer or what. I really anticipate to be a zai person for you :)
Hahah Quan sheng said : ying gai shi ba. “Should be.” LOL.
I asked how they see, lol finally someone gives me an answer.
He says to see the potential in others.
Hhahah well, I don’t know how but I guess that could be a way.

There’s this really nice girl from my class, Theresa hahahhaha.

I plan to SOW on her LOL LOL LOL.
Yay okay, it’s true it’s only the fourth day in semester two but I’m dying to get out of the buisness modules.
I guess being a wedding planner will require buisness skills ah well.
Who knows, maybe I will end up not being a wedding planner,
perhaps I will end up doing other events.
But as long as I get to plan, yay!!!
Can’t wait for entrepreneurship this monday.
It’s about making your own buisness which includes proposals and everything.
I feel excited ^^
I guess Liyan is right, if we don’t find a purpose in something we do we’d feel sian doing it.
What more, many a times our purposes always points to us and not God.
So >:) I’m going to find a purpose of what I’m studying for and who I’m studying for.
I think that will make me enjoy studying, yea even maths.
Oh I got my first A hahahaha for marketing lol.

What do you crave for?

I currently crave for sour sweets *mouth waters*
Gummy swwets, chewy sweets yum yum :)
OK >:( That does it. I am going to take a trip down to buy sweets before heading to Science centre tomorrow.
Kwan shyan and sherman ready to bore ourselves? LOL.
Ok JY everyone!!! xD


LOL hahah I don’t know why I said that really.
But may prophesies, visions and dreams overflow me.
May your promises be honoured.

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