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October 18, 2010

Today is Entrepreneurship :D

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I want watch I want watch I want watch ^^
Shucks ); Yesterday after Science centre was so tired.
I eat ice cream until my nose have.
Sherman say I eat like a little kid T-T
I slept when I reached home and I woke about 10.30
I ate noodles and two paus, super hungry.
Entrepreneur today!
One of the two modules I like.
Hahhaa currently that is.
My entrepreneur faci only ka jiao my slides.
Sian ttm. Hahahahhaha.

LOL, I’m going Saturday the entrepreneur thing!

I ‘m going with an ulterior motive HAHAHAHAHA.
Then my team’s buisness plan can be better HAHAHAHA LMAO.
LOL, aiya. Kwan Shyan lost his BB ):
Why so many people lost phones =.=
LOL, I will freak out if I lose mine hahahah.
Vannie is going strong in the KPOP authors battle! Continue voting people! >=)
Tomorrow marketing ): Sian, maths.
But hope I can understand and get my second A! :D YAYYY
Let me find a purpose in studying okay G? :)
If it’s your will really help me to become one of the top wedding planners.
Haahhahaha :D I don’t like romance but I like to work my imagination.
Lol lol lol.
I just went to the toilet LOL.
I miss – holidays already. lmao.

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