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October 23, 2010

Tell them I was happy.

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My mum says my arms are fat :(
And to think she always asks me why I don’t wear sleeveless.
What the heck right.
Why’d she always have to make me insecure in the first place? -.-
Make me don’t dare wear out lor. Super super insecure.
So why always so contradicting? I find it super annoying.
Now typing this, I feel so insecure as well.
Ahh whatever, I will never wear sleeveless again >:(

Cheryl just sms-ed the birthday girl everything we planned out.

ROFL. Ok so now she knows hahahahah so why still keep it a secret lmao.
Tomorrow is really packed.
Early in the morning I have to go down to Marina Bay Sands for the talk.
Then I have to rush down to Somerset to buy the card.
Then I got service. Then after service celebrate.
From morning to night. Zzzz, busy life.
It’s everytime I get put to organise and plan things that I will look back at leaders lives.
So very hectic, definetly G’s miracle they managed to survive.
It makes them appreciate them more I guess.
Yea, the higher their leadership position = more responsibility.
More responsibility = greater need to organize things in life.
Hey so if they survived, then of course. Awesome.
Eh and organizing no joke okay,
but is damn fail cause the person know already.
But on a positive side, it just keeps reminding me how hard my life’s going to be.
LOL. Hahahhahah oh well, but I like it.
I like the busyness of it, the need for excellence and the satisfication of the people.

Another thing~

People have been coming to me and telling me that if my facebook profile page,
was tumblr my tumblarity would be sky high.
Then I will be Singapore’s most famous tumblr author.
HAHAHAHA. Idk, something like that la.
They asked me to create a blog or tumblr or whatever,
to contain all those photos, links and videos.
Well, I want to )=
But blame it on Youtube who decided to not have a tumblr sharing function.
So it generally makes me feel lazy.
Videos can load so long to just put up one.
Why not just share it? Fast and effecient.
Html? Sucks. Need to wait also.
So sorry people, it’s not that I don’t want to do it.
Hahahha but I guess I can create a Facebook page,
and pon that “Prince”.
Zzz I just find it Idk. I don’t like the word “prince” lol.
And I realise why he stuck a toothbrush there and take picture already.
Cause he look better like that. LOL.

So sian. 

9.45 am have to reach Promenade MRT station.
Oh I was watching video when I fell asleep earlier.
It’s almost as if my brain is hibernating these few days LOL.
Ok I will try go and sleep now.
Hmmm must wake at 8 tomorrow )=

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