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October 27, 2010

Random updates about today :)

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I got my first C for math ): So tired today.
Went Decor meeting after IG meeting.
I hope that pre-christmas and Christmas will turn out awesome and as we planned.
I guess everyone’s happy with the new structure.
I’m glad we didn’t have to get political )=
Seriously speaking I don’t find the seniors strict at all.
In fact I like these type of people hahahhaha. They are on the inside, SUPER NICE.
I’m doing Holy communion next week.
That makes me kind of unhappy ): I don’t like it even till now.
But I guess I still must be faithful in whatever I’m given.
I probably won’t ever like Holy communion although the significance I feel it.
But let me be like King David facing the giant Goliath with my bread and Ribena lol.
Let me be like Elijah whom the Lord’s hand was upon.

My daily grade for week 1:

  • Marketing – A
  • Financial Accounting – B
  • Hotel and Tourism management – B
  • Math – B
  • Entrepreneurship – B

My daily grade for week 2:

  • Marketing – A
  • Financial Accounting – A
  • Hotel and Tourism management – B
  • Math – C      ): BOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Entrepreneurship – B
That reminds me, it’s week 3 day 2. I have to start practising practise questions.
I must score well and maintain GPA! ><
Oh well, start from tomorrow ba,
I will probably start with Hotel and Tourism management.
Cause the least thing to study LOL.
I did a spastic thing today again.
I’m positive this is Vannie syndrome LOL.
I’m like a living joke -.-
Stress. Tomorrow must go  DIEM talk during 2nd meeting break.
After school go to the SOH bursary talk.
Oh, I finished the first draft for the e invite.

Lol, how is it? :) Does it attract you to read on?

Going to help out the packing of don’t know what next friday? Holiday. lol.
Hahaha I guess Decor people aren’t as unfriendly as I thought.
At first to me it’s boring when they talked about small scale events.
Cause decorations will be limited and I don’t like it.
I like to be extravagant.
If you give me something to handle I will make sure I do more than what you expect.
I want standard and precision.
I think being in Decor will force me to voice out more instead of being laidback.
Looks like my CD is going to turn into DC anytime soon :/
Hais. And I thought I could be laidback forever.

Well, I can’t help it.

I will be annoyed if I can’t even get the chance to voice out.
And ): I no choice but to step out of my comfort zone also.
Cause I keep staring at Bing Quan who’s my Decor leader.
BUT he like don’t get my stare.
LOL guess he thinks that I just like to stare hahha.
Decor people are able to visualize in their minds, I like. A lot.
Finally. Although not all the time but at least they don’t visualize wrongly.
I wonder when I can get to meet the Marcomm people? hahhaa.
I hope they’re as nice.
I think, I will enjoy serving in Decor.

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