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October 30, 2010


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哦,不,是我忘了. 这不是一个完美的世界.



English translation:

What is happening to this world?

No, it’s me who has forgotten. This is not a perfect world.

Jesus please hear me, I never encourage relationships this young. But why are people suffering from these heartbreaks? Why must they torture themselves like that? God this isn’t the love they need, please tell me. Why do you put me in this environment? Are you trying to tell me something? My mind is whirling with so many questions but yet not a single answer. My heart breaks every time I see these people around me suffer from their own actions and decisions. People’s tears rolling down from their faces, their hearts breaking from the inside. They smile as if nothing has happened but they have died on the inside. I know cause I was lost and without God once and now I’m seeing people lost without God too. Their lives were dependant on this relationship and now it was gone. A relationship that’s built on the weak human heart and I realised from them that, I’m glad that ours is built on the foundation of God. A foundation of the cross. But still God, I’m burdened. I want a solution for them, but sometimes I’m afraid that Jesus the solution they will not accept due to religion issues. I don’t know God, I really don’t know what to do. Tell me please?

Dear readers, I’m not sure if this translation will be correct. So I am sorry if the chinese translation is wrong.


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