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December 6, 2010

Byebye world.

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I decided to stop posting :/

I read my Secondary 3 diary yesterday in the wee hours of the morning.
Although boring and seemingly super private I guess it’s best for me now.
& somehow after I read it I realised the connection of what I like.
Which is found amusing cause,
it’s completely the same except for a few extra factors.
But on the whole, it’s the same.
Amazing ttm. Onew~ :)

Haha ok ta-ta.

Until when I decided to create a new blog (:

Be curious about my life be very curious >:)

Ho ho ho ho ho :D


November 20, 2010

Protected: Added on x2!

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

November 18, 2010


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Result from Vannie’s constant nagging in E26A (HAHAHA) and after watching SHINee Hello baby episodes.





I’m hooked onto Onew LOL. Vannie’s favourite SHINee member.

Actually at first he’s not that outstanding to me :/
HAHAHAH. In fact the least outstanding LOL.
But he totally made me LOL-ed from the first episode to the last.
He’s like super blur and so easily distracted.

What made me notice him was his stunts (LOL.), him easily distracted, easily bullied (LIKES (Y) ), always failing to get attention, his very evident flaws, his servanthood and his character.

Hmm but I still only like it when he’s that real LOL.
Lol Vannie if you see this I’m still not going to be so crazy for SHINee HAHAHAHA.

November 3, 2010

Sweety Shreedhee :D <3

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As I was browsing through to find a picture of both of us… I realised.
Omg )= I therefore make this conclusion that the more I am closer to a person,
the higher possibility of me not having an individual photo with them.
LOL. Well >:( I don’t have an individual photo with REGH either! LOL.
I never upload her birthday pictures yet lei x.x
Aiya, but my darling SWEETY SHREESHREE :D


You’ve been such a wonderful sister to me,
I just browsed through our MSN conversations.
Why all like crap like that LOL.
But I think you’re very funneyyyyyyy =D
And I enjoy talking and sharing life with you.
LOL AHAHAHA :D I like that you can be childish and mature at the same time.
And the rest >:) I think should have affirmation de lor :/
If not uhh I will update this LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!\

I’m a Shreedhee lover! :D Shreedhee-lickin’ good!

October 30, 2010

Updates on life in 29th and 30th October.

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My dad woke me up at 6 plus today.
Cause I yesterday slept super early yesterday lol.
HUH ): Means what Theresa predicted was correct T_T
I ate waffles for my 3 meals LOL.
Breakfast- 1 Choclate waffle from W1
Lunch- 2 Chocolate + cornflakes waffles from Lawn (3-4 bites she ate)
Dinner- 1 plain waffle + Mint ice-cream + Liquid Hershley chocolate from the kopitiam?
Near Theresa’s house. Ate with Kwan Shyan.
Kwan and I got lost yesterday LOL.
I had fun fellowshipping. But ya la ya la tired la -.- GRRRRRR.

Lol, it’s funny just how different we are yet can click almost instanteously.

I love my guava / gingerbread girl / lu chi / bai chi! :D
LOL I got miss anything out?
After our first group together we immediately started talking online already.
LOL. At first I never really notice her lei. HAHAAHAH.
I think we have a special connection ^^
Yay I’m so happy! Yesterday Theresa said that she wants to go church!
To have fun la, but who doesn’t in the begining?
Made me so damn happy. ♥ Especially because she didn’t want to last Friday.
See? People see us, not God.  That’s why it’s super important to watch our actions and speech.
They can’t see God, but they see how God has changed us and who God’s people are.
I hope that when I invite her for next service she will be willing to come =)
Excited for God! I can’t wait to see how He’s going to move in her life!
She may not come I don’t know. But this is really an encouragment for me!=)
God is faithful indeed ^^

So hungry now. Ate 3-4 pieces of jelly just now.

I like cause it’s boucy and smooth LOL. Sounds wrong.
I like plain jellies {=
Felt a bit burdened just now cause of my classmate.
And I completed my RJ wit the help of Anthony HAHAHAHA!
Thank God for you!
Oh and YAYYYYYYY! I get to design the invite cards for pre-Christmas.
I promise I will try my best to do a Godly job! =)
LOL. So damn happy. ♥♥♥♥♥

 WFL LATER AT 12! I’m going for Life managment essentials. BATHE!

You know what you planned for me G. I may lag now.
But I’m going to experience exponential growth and  be a warrior for Christ!
Faithful potter, mould me, lead me, use me and guide me.
Faithful God, help me to see my potential in you, help me to be a woman of G.
Faithful servant and prophet of God, Elijah, tell me the story of God through your life.
Faithful leader and servant of all, teach me to be more like you.


After WFL, I expect growth!

October 29, 2010

I feel so sub-standard.

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I re-designed the Marcomm Email invite.
And I’m disappointed in myself.
Perhaps this is why G called me to Decor / Production Design and not Marcomm (Designer).

I feel so lousy and cui upon seeing it.
Is that what Adults view as formal, appropriate and nice?
Stunned. Later this one also can’t go through..
I don’t know. I guess I’m really not cut out for Marcomm.
Make matters worse,
I think that only Natalie and me are the designers in the whole Marcomm.
This just looks so sub-standard.
I prefer my first design..
Hais, it just makes my life come tumbling down.
Rather upset about it, I was hoping I could do better.
Hais. I don’t want to complain about the Hope resources.
But, not to my expectation.
When I saw them I was like:
WHAT? How am I supposed to use these and make it look professional?
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. G please make a way for me ):
And today’s stupid Math.
My facilitator never come!

October 28, 2010

G make a way!

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I dreamt of my Decor / Production Design Ministry leader yesterday.
Umm… hahhahaha :D
Lol anyway, Production Design Ministry is the new name for Decor ministry.
Yayy! I think Decor is getting fun lei seriously.
He asked us if we have any ideas for the church based Christmas tree
I have thought of it le la and I think a paper based Christmas tree would be stylish and unique.
LOL Inspiration from food :D HAHAHA
And the t-shirt I also think of it le (= Going to do out the design and send him later.

Marcomm leader replied she say must more formal cause for 40 years old adults.

I don’t know how to change it ><
She also asked if I know how to design invite cards.
LOL I told her I all first time ):
Well if she give me do I don’t mind lor, just that it’s my first time )=
And I will have to rack my brains to think how to do again LOL.
But yayy! Art makes me happy (=
Hahah okay, I’m going to go home and do out the design for both Marcomm and Decor.
Can’t wait for school and LG to end! :)

Hahah ok so bad ): BUT, I’m really excited.

I still remember in the past I would loved to see my designs and inspirations on display.
LOL not recognition la, just that it satisfies me in seeing that G is using me!!!
Will be so happy to use this talent he gave.
Hahah although I don’t have the spiritual gift of Creative comm ):
But, G gave me talent to fill my lack (=
God is great yea! :D
Do finish I will post it on blog de (= Happy happy~


I read the email wrongly ): Is T-shirt only LOL.
Sian, hais this is what you get when you are bored by lessons x.x.

October 27, 2010

Random updates about today :)

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I got my first C for math ): So tired today.
Went Decor meeting after IG meeting.
I hope that pre-christmas and Christmas will turn out awesome and as we planned.
I guess everyone’s happy with the new structure.
I’m glad we didn’t have to get political )=
Seriously speaking I don’t find the seniors strict at all.
In fact I like these type of people hahahhaha. They are on the inside, SUPER NICE.
I’m doing Holy communion next week.
That makes me kind of unhappy ): I don’t like it even till now.
But I guess I still must be faithful in whatever I’m given.
I probably won’t ever like Holy communion although the significance I feel it.
But let me be like King David facing the giant Goliath with my bread and Ribena lol.
Let me be like Elijah whom the Lord’s hand was upon.

My daily grade for week 1:

  • Marketing – A
  • Financial Accounting – B
  • Hotel and Tourism management – B
  • Math – B
  • Entrepreneurship – B

My daily grade for week 2:

  • Marketing – A
  • Financial Accounting – A
  • Hotel and Tourism management – B
  • Math – C      ): BOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Entrepreneurship – B
That reminds me, it’s week 3 day 2. I have to start practising practise questions.
I must score well and maintain GPA! ><
Oh well, start from tomorrow ba,
I will probably start with Hotel and Tourism management.
Cause the least thing to study LOL.
I did a spastic thing today again.
I’m positive this is Vannie syndrome LOL.
I’m like a living joke -.-
Stress. Tomorrow must go  DIEM talk during 2nd meeting break.
After school go to the SOH bursary talk.
Oh, I finished the first draft for the e invite.

Lol, how is it? :) Does it attract you to read on?

Going to help out the packing of don’t know what next friday? Holiday. lol.
Hahaha I guess Decor people aren’t as unfriendly as I thought.
At first to me it’s boring when they talked about small scale events.
Cause decorations will be limited and I don’t like it.
I like to be extravagant.
If you give me something to handle I will make sure I do more than what you expect.
I want standard and precision.
I think being in Decor will force me to voice out more instead of being laidback.
Looks like my CD is going to turn into DC anytime soon :/
Hais. And I thought I could be laidback forever.

Well, I can’t help it.

I will be annoyed if I can’t even get the chance to voice out.
And ): I no choice but to step out of my comfort zone also.
Cause I keep staring at Bing Quan who’s my Decor leader.
BUT he like don’t get my stare.
LOL guess he thinks that I just like to stare hahha.
Decor people are able to visualize in their minds, I like. A lot.
Finally. Although not all the time but at least they don’t visualize wrongly.
I wonder when I can get to meet the Marcomm people? hahhaa.
I hope they’re as nice.
I think, I will enjoy serving in Decor.

October 24, 2010

G’s in style!

Was searching a picture for the e-invite when I came across a particular picture.
It just made me reflect.
An my conclusion for it is:

I guess that fellowship really requires nothing less than acceptance.

Today went to the Marina Bay Sands with Theresa and her friend.
Lol, the talk was boring.
But there were many free samples HAHAHAHAH and food LOL.
I like the sword toothpick from the beef burger and the mint lip balm.
Theresa does not like beef LOL.
After the whole tour Theresa and I walked around the area.
We watched the performance of the “Three bells”.
Lmao, we were amazed and amused.
Theresa caught a picture of the middle woman looking really scary hahaha.

They super professional can, they like not scared one ):

Then we tried to go to the sky park with no luck.
Cause need buy ticket, $20 lei walao.
That’s for adults. Children: $14, Senior citizens: $17
So expensive, out to cheat tourists money confirm plus chop.
Lol, the hotel there are like HDB flats.
Well they do look like HDB flats. And they resemble the leaning tower of Pisa.
So I called them the new seven wonder: The leaning HDB flats LOL.
Super disappointed. I thought it would be high and classy.
Turns out to be rather cheap skate.
LOL. I don’t know about the interior of the room but the outer pretty much sucks already.
LOL I like the luggage tolley. So nice!
And also very sadly since my sense of direction CMI,
Theresa one also not very good we ended up walking a lot.
HAHAHAHAHAH. Eh but at least in the beginning I knew it was the wrong way.
But they keep insisting LOL. Then have to walk again Zzz.
Today’s KPOP night. LOL obviously I didn’t go.
But I guess tonight all the fans who went will go to sleep enthralled.

Went service and after service, start plan!

I forgot cake and lighter lol.
Celebrated Catherine’s birthday, hahaha.
Weiloong say it’s a failure. I think it’s a success LOL.
LOL thanks Shermy for letting me drag you all over the place just to go back again.
Just blame it on Kwan LOL.
Went home with Shreedhee and Weiloong.
Shreedhee ask why we always quarrel. LOL.
How I know. Ask him la.
He’s the one who thinks my reactions and funny and fun to play with LOL.
His favourite game is keeping me in suspense ):
Other than his annoying annoyance >:( He’s pretty much a great guy.

Damn Weiloong.

This week never go home with Kwan at all! D:
>:(  >:(  >:(
Ok la I not angry but next time at least tell me lol.
I’m pretty much done with the whole design of the e-invite.
I just need to find the perfect picture.
I want it to convey the powerful message of fellowshipping and joy.
Will upload it on blog after I’m done (:
And this is only the first draft oh well.

&& my wisdom tooth that’s growing out ): IS SO IRRITATING.

October 23, 2010

Tell them I was happy.

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My mum says my arms are fat :(
And to think she always asks me why I don’t wear sleeveless.
What the heck right.
Why’d she always have to make me insecure in the first place? -.-
Make me don’t dare wear out lor. Super super insecure.
So why always so contradicting? I find it super annoying.
Now typing this, I feel so insecure as well.
Ahh whatever, I will never wear sleeveless again >:(

Cheryl just sms-ed the birthday girl everything we planned out.

ROFL. Ok so now she knows hahahahah so why still keep it a secret lmao.
Tomorrow is really packed.
Early in the morning I have to go down to Marina Bay Sands for the talk.
Then I have to rush down to Somerset to buy the card.
Then I got service. Then after service celebrate.
From morning to night. Zzzz, busy life.
It’s everytime I get put to organise and plan things that I will look back at leaders lives.
So very hectic, definetly G’s miracle they managed to survive.
It makes them appreciate them more I guess.
Yea, the higher their leadership position = more responsibility.
More responsibility = greater need to organize things in life.
Hey so if they survived, then of course. Awesome.
Eh and organizing no joke okay,
but is damn fail cause the person know already.
But on a positive side, it just keeps reminding me how hard my life’s going to be.
LOL. Hahahhahah oh well, but I like it.
I like the busyness of it, the need for excellence and the satisfication of the people.

Another thing~

People have been coming to me and telling me that if my facebook profile page,
was tumblr my tumblarity would be sky high.
Then I will be Singapore’s most famous tumblr author.
HAHAHAHA. Idk, something like that la.
They asked me to create a blog or tumblr or whatever,
to contain all those photos, links and videos.
Well, I want to )=
But blame it on Youtube who decided to not have a tumblr sharing function.
So it generally makes me feel lazy.
Videos can load so long to just put up one.
Why not just share it? Fast and effecient.
Html? Sucks. Need to wait also.
So sorry people, it’s not that I don’t want to do it.
Hahahha but I guess I can create a Facebook page,
and pon that “Prince”.
Zzz I just find it Idk. I don’t like the word “prince” lol.
And I realise why he stuck a toothbrush there and take picture already.
Cause he look better like that. LOL.

So sian. 

9.45 am have to reach Promenade MRT station.
Oh I was watching video when I fell asleep earlier.
It’s almost as if my brain is hibernating these few days LOL.
Ok I will try go and sleep now.
Hmmm must wake at 8 tomorrow )=
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