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April 9, 2011

Protected: ARGH

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October 10, 2010

Back from the dead (=

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Hellos :D I’m back from the dead heehee :D
Congrats to Kwan shyan and junxiang too~
Ooh was really scared to fall backwards,
but when started praying God gave me a vision which made me calm down.
And I literally felt floaty hahahahaha.
Well I saw myself smiling lol. But the vision was like from underwater?
The feeling is awesome (Y) ^^
Like your sins have been really washed away, burdens have been lifted.
You feel fresh, new, energised and ready to conquer the world hahaha!

Today is also the day I got married (: To god.

Thanks Cheryl for giving me the ring hahahha.
Simple ring = simple faith = simple love
Candace asked me what my name meant.
After explaining to her I was pondering about it.
And God showed me a picture of Jesus and the crown of thorns on Him.
Well, I think it’s a happy picture cause Jesus was smiling.
It’s almost as the feeling of re-uniting you know?
As if we’re together again.
And for the first time when I see Jesus,
I feel light and happy. I felt peace.
As if I’ve seen this familiar face everyday.

Well yea, I always felt guilty whenever I thought of Jesus so yea hahahaha.

Like the crown of thorns on His head although hurts Him,
He still bear it.
Hahha same in my life, I constantly hurt God,
but God still loves me :)
God has seen past my thorns and saw me.
I feel really clean! hahaha ^^
And yes, that really made me feel that God has re-united with me throught this marriage.
Like as if we’ve walked down the aisle.
Ahh well I married the perfect man today HAHAHHA ♥
Woohoo husband Jesus (:
Oh oh and thanks people for the cards and flower,
coming to see us drown (LOL) and yicong and melissa ^^
I will do my best to serve you and God >:)
I definetly do not know how God wants to use me in tertiary but,
I want to be a support to my leaders (= Yayyy!
Go go go God! I want to live with a heart and soul that’s pure and untainted!!!

September 30, 2010

I called, you answered.

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Yay =) Holy Communion was a success~ hehhehehe
Woah really thank God T-T I didn’t know what to say but WeiLoong say I did well ^^
Thank God for the wisdom!!!
Well, I didn’t really expect God to bless me with wisdom. Cause I felt totally undeserving ):
Oh how many times have I broken your heart? Still you forgave if only I asked..
This is the video we showed (=
Hey Shermy it’s fun working with you too ^^ And PS I dragged you all over RP HAHAHAH.
Oh well, DIEM is hard to get in but God I really do hope I get in.
LOL Weiloong’s words have weight to me ):
Speak of the devil -.- He just came online lol.
Watching Maid Sama now (: Now you know how free I am hahaa.
Tomorrow’s Science centre.
And suddenly RP say need work 24 hours to get the 5 CE points ):< SIAN.
I had no idea this week’s theme was evangelism.
But hearing all for love just made me thought of the weak and the lost.
Lols and I thought of Youth people just now.
I thought about God.
And I realised I loved them as I will love my children. As how God will love His children.

Though they know not what they do, Let the cross draw men to you~

September 23, 2010

Godamn you retarded school.

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Thank you for cheating my feeling, tomorrow is the last day.

Thank you for giving me false hope, I don’t like to curse people but I just hope your all burn.

Thank you for never keeping your promises, damn you every single one of you.

Where’s my phone call? Where’s my long awaited email? I never get them back.

Thank you for being a irresponsible school, please just burn down.

I hope it will be on your guilty conscience when I get into depression.

Thank you for never sparing me a thought, this is a godamn fear damn you.

When are your going to take action? When I go into the mental hospital?

Thank you all for cheating on my feelings, I never felt so cheated in my life before.

I hope you all just die, burn in hell Republic Polytechnic. Your name itself disgusts me.

I would had been glad if there was no God in this world, cause then I could just kill you all.

September 17, 2010


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If there were things I’d really appreciate,
I guess it be more of those handmade cards with every detail carefully thought of.
No matter what type of art your doing, it’s always important for an artist to be in tune with their work.
Because emotions and how much effort being put in will get stuck in the most prominent, to the smallest detail.
It’s easy to see if a piece of work whether good or bad has effort put into it.
A piece that has effort put into it, is immediately recognisable no matter how awful it looks.
That’s why I like art.
I detest art work that has little/not enough effort put into it.
It just irritates me to the core.

September 10, 2010

Don’t even bother to read this crap of a post

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Study later ba. LOL

Easy to have an intention, difficult to implement, Lots of Effort to succeed.

Zzzz hais. I’m having a headache now.

Anw, I forgot, Happy birthday.


August 21, 2010

Who are you really?

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Who we are at times are exposed not in the moment of anger,
but when defining moments come.
Because in anger we can conceal,
but in defining moments,
that’s when we are desperate.
That’s when our true nature reveals.
A craftswoman called into the office of a prophetess,
I am serving to be your hands and your mouthpiece.
HUH ): And I almost got tricked by WeiLoong. GRRR.

July 27, 2010

Coughing chickens

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I’m coughing like a chicken now ):
Tomorrow’s science. Darn it.
I will be going for science centrer helper meeting thingy =/
Then off to help kayaking people snap some pictures.
Then off to CG.
Sometimes people do things for a reason.
This is why I am glad that God looks at the heart :X
Today went running 5 km. I ran 3km and walked 2km (haha.)
Then went Gym to do statics.
I’ve reached the part where Nathaniel is going through a bad patch,
but he’s still holding strongly to God (:
hahas I make him sound like a storybook LOL. 
LOL. No roles :) HOORAY!

Who’s dancing who’s singing?

Who’s living a life worth living?

We are we are we’re shining the Light of Salvation!

June 21, 2010

Bored me.

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18/11/2009 first post.

A total of 1105 views for now. lol.

So today is the uhh ._.

277 days haha.

Average of 3.989 views per day :X

Hahha thanks readers and enjoy! :)

June 17, 2010


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This is what the world aims to achieve.
Call me dumb, but if I’m totally conscious I’d choose none.
I’d give up eveything to get God.
It seems impossible, humans are never perfect.
Their heart is divided.
But i’ve known. I’ve saw.
Everything failed me.
Although sometimes I blame God for failing me, it’s me who actually failed myself.
Humans have never failed to blame others.
I have never failed to blame God.
If I could solely make it whole, I’d make it whole.

My lists of top five blames to God. ( most often from  top to bottom )

  1. My life
  2. The fact that I’m a thinker
  3. My different way of thinking 
  4. My office gift and the sometimes disturbing visions and dreams
  5. The fact that I’m not a flawless human

Please let me die.

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