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November 17, 2010


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I honestly feel so cui and tired this week.

Probably due to late night sleeping, studying has never been so tiring.
Done finish the pre-Christmas invite card at last not as easy as I hoped it will be.
Still. need. to. change.
Studies you life sucker ): You completely drained my energy.
I feel kind of sad that today’s Decor was cancelled
I didn’t go to yesterday’s due to needing Quan Sheng to teach me Financial accounting,
tomorrow is LG ): I have completely no time for Decor.
God why is it like this?
If you’ve called us to a certain ministry,
you certainly will allow us to operate effectively in the ministry isn’t it?
I feel super ineffecient.

Can you please cheer me up G? ):


November 16, 2010

Title – less.

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아무도 그들이 나를 실망다고 될 말씀 하신지 정말 오랜만이에요.

내가 정말 그 사람이 나를 향해 이런 느낌은 왜 이해하지 않았기 때문에 반응하는 방법을 몰랐어요. 정확히 내가이 사람을 위해 할 대신 분노의이 엄청난 실망을 가지고 뭐라고? 내가 슬픈 이유는 내가 결코 그 단어가 나를 향해, 아무도 밖으로 훨씬이 사람을오고 싶어 느꼈습니다. 난 정말 내 안에 하나님의 변화를 묘사하는 데 실패 있나요? 난 전혀 변하지 않았다는? 난 그냥 내 자신을 다른 사람들을 속이는 건가? 날 너무 실망이 사람을 만들었습니다 그것을 무엇입니까? 난 알고 싶어, 난 정말 싶어하지만 난 두렵다.

오늘날, 많은 것들이 안 좋아하지만 나쁜 일이. 나는 하나님 께서이 모든 일을 왜 나에게 언젠가는 그분의 목적을 보여줄 것이라고 자신을 안심 했어요. 하지만 난 내 자신을 안심 함께 가서 같이, 나쁜 일들이 연이어 일어난. 누가 내가 당신 계획에 있어야 해요, 완전히 쓸모없는 느낌? 하지만 어쩔 수 없어요 사단은 고통과 슬픔에서 날보고 사랑하는 이유를 궁금해, 그는 나를 울게 볼 때 그는 기쁨의 헤아릴 수없는 양의 기분이 어때?

빌었 일부는 그 만 상처 치료에 도움을 수있다 “미안해.” 그렇다면, 내가 시대의 그것 만 말 신경 안 써요. 난 정말 내 자신을 이해할 수없는, 왜 난 항상 그렇게 비판적과 자랑스러운 내가 할 때마다 또는 말을 소리합니까? 왜 이렇게 자기 중심입니까? 날 겸손의 인사조차하지 않는 인치가 있습니까? 그리고 모두의 악화, 왜 난 그것을 깨닫지 못하고합니까?

그것은 전혀 월요일처럼 보이지는 않는다, 그것이 이번 주말에 도달처럼 더 느낀다. 어쨋든, 오늘은 그냥 나를 위해 전체 주 망했어. 정말 인간과 인간을 만나 뵙기가 아픕니다. 난 그저 유혹이 세상에서 자신을 숨기고 하나님을 무시하고, 침대에 누워이 모든 주 넘겨주면됩니다.

… 난 정말 더 이상 어떻게 말씀 드려야할지하지 않습니다. 이 질문은 그냥 내 마음에서 울리는 보관하고 그것을 말하는 건지 모르겠어요. 난 정말 변했나요?

November 12, 2010

What is the retaining factor in your life?

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Hi so tired today (: Have to wear formal x.x
On the train home while I was playing out imaginative scenarios in my mind,
I  suddenly thought of this hahahaha.

People should be the attracting factor, not the retaining factor.

Churches: The attracting factor is always mainly people, but the retaining factor must always be God!

People can’t see God, they see us because without knowing it, they are actually seeing our God we so proclaim to be true through our lives. So are you glorifying God today? Because the world’s perception of God is through Christians, if our lives are not glorifying God and that God is not real in our lives, who are we to say that God is real in our lives? That’s hypocrisy!

And this comes to the point that because of not having a relationship with God, lost sheep have to see people to see Christ, but when they know Christ they really have to KNOW Christ! That is the retaining factor, God! They have to stop seeing the canvas you paint through Christ and pick that brush up and paint it on their canvas with Christ.

Humans can never be the retaining factor, because we are imperfect. And because of that we sometimes do things that are not glorifying to God and to others. We tend to hurt people accidentally, we flare up, we don’t strive for excellence in the things we do, we get jealous and insecure. That’s all not glorifying God. If the retaining factor is people, that sheep will not only not grow much (It is only in Christ that we experience growth), he/she will not be living his/her life for God’s purposes (because he/she loves the praises of men more than God’s, he/she saw people, not God! God is not that real in his/her life!), he/she will not only leave in the end, he/she will leave with a hurt in her/his heart that God is not a good God. And that’s not true and we know it.

And although as much as I hate to admit it sometimes, God is definitely the creator of our lives. Jesus is definitely God’s son. The holy spirit definitely exists in our lives. God definitely loves people, God definitely loves me. Jesus definitely died for our sins, Jesus definitely loves me more than I love Him. The holy spirit definitely can move in our lives, the holy spirit definitely wants to move in us more than we want it to move in us. And that people will definitely be the retaining factor in our lives if our eyes are not focused on God.

Sure, I know all these even before this sentence was revealed to me.

But it gave me a fresh new perspective and judging by how it was phrased.
It definetly wasn’t from me, in fact I was so amazed with it hahahaha.
Ok tomorrow’s Saturday :)
God I need your anoiting!
I still have 2 math papers, the invite card (oops, but it’s half done haha),
WFL tomorrow and haha sleep ):


November 11, 2010

On the train home.

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As I was thinking about the lyrics for safe, I wondered how it’s even relevant to us.

I mean, we’re not even blind, crippled or disease riddened right?

Gives sight to the blind..
Pull the lame up to their feet..
These are the hands that healed the leper..
And then I realised, we are in a way, blind people, crippled and disease ridden.
We often let our insecurities, worldly things, pride, lust etc blind us.
We need God to pull those planks out of our eyes!
We often fall down because of trials, troubles, tiredness etc. In a way we’re crippled.
We need God to help us back on our feet, to walk the path He intended!
We often have hidden sins, unrepented sins etc. They are weights making us diseased.
We need God to heal us of this leprosy!

My God is amazing yes? (=

And I’m glad that I took a choice to change my mindset from being self-centered,
to decided to be more people-centered,
to someone who focused on the problem instead of the person.
Thank you for the repeated prompting, G (:
Even though I was so hardened towards the situation, he must mean a lot to you.

Teach me how to love like you do.

And you know my God saved the day

and you know His word never fails

and I know my God saved the day for me~

November 9, 2010

These people, make me cry. Happily.

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I really thank God that there’s always someone in my life that’s not afraid to point out my mistakes and sins.

I thank God that there will always be that one person there at every station of my spiritual life.

I really love these people who care more about my spiritual life than my comfort.

They are people who see the value of God and the value of me in God,

they are people who believe that I can change through Christ.

Such thing can be felt, I feel loved when these people correct me.

Not hurt or angry nor pissed off because I can feel that their motive is pure.

That they only want me to do one thing, to glorify God.

What makes me stop in my tracks of responding negatively,

is more than respect for them,

more than fear or tongue-tied,

but love. The courage to just blatantly correct me straight in my face.

And whenever they correct me, I just know this thing in the midst of trying hard to change,

so hard that it befuddle me sometimes.

But I know deep inside as the holy spirit would tell me,

someday I’m going to thank this person who loves my very life.


November 7, 2010


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There are no hopeless people, only faithless people.

Lol and I guess finally someone exposed my denials LOL.

And it had to be Weiloong =.= lol lol lol.


Ok ): I don’t know how to do it.

I have so many on my to-do list and ):

OK I’m emotionally unstable now.

Until then, BYE

November 5, 2010


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I’ve been rejoicing! :D

So many things coming my way, bad ones.
But I’m rejoicing =D
You have no idea how great it feels to be happy when you’re supposed to be sad/angry.
That’s called rejoicing! Not when everything’s fine and your life’s easy
but when everything starts to oppose you, when nothing is going right.
And for that, I don’t see a need to have negative feelings towards such things anymore!
And I don’t see why anyone should.
There’s really no reason/excuse to be sad over such things.
I’m a overcomer in Christ! =)
This sin has no longer a foothold in my life! :D *KICKS*
I’m rejoicing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at me Satan! I’m REJOICING :D *DANCES*
The best part is that, you know that G must be very proud of you for overcoming!
I will be a cheerful cheerful cheerful believer!!!!!!! *SMILESSSSSSSSSS*

November 3, 2010

& with the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

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I want.. to be an easier person to be around with ):
Easier to do life with…
Easier to share life with…
Easier to talk with…
Easier to understand about…
I don’t want to just be a person that people want to have fun with.
A person that just passes by their lives for a moment.
Argh. It’s easy to click but that’s not the whole point…
I need more than someone whom I can click with, talk with.
I need someone to show me true friendship.
Sometimes I wonder if being different really matters to others.
I mean, I don’t really see what’s so good about different.
Perhaps it’s because people are not borned different? And they want to be unique?
Unique also equals different which many a times also equals weird.
Which sucks.
As much as I love the quote:
Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you’re borned to stand out?
It makes me feel like a freak sometimes.
With people constantly calling you weird.
I learned to minimise it, so that it’s not as visible.
I remember someone told me that G will use me differently,
because I’m different.
And it isn’t such a bad thing cause,
I will be able to reach out to those whom others will not be able to reach out to.
Yet some people say everybody is different and unique in their own way,
so people who say that they are different are just trying to get attraction.
Yet it’s cause they really don’t understand the pain.
The pain that comes with the mixture of compliment and insults.
So if I’m deemed this way, am I still trying to get attraction?
As if I want to. Seriously.
Shucks, hate that.
I need to know the true meaning of friendship.


SMILES at you Satan! Take that. In your face!

Sweety Shreedhee :D <3

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As I was browsing through to find a picture of both of us… I realised.
Omg )= I therefore make this conclusion that the more I am closer to a person,
the higher possibility of me not having an individual photo with them.
LOL. Well >:( I don’t have an individual photo with REGH either! LOL.
I never upload her birthday pictures yet lei x.x
Aiya, but my darling SWEETY SHREESHREE :D


You’ve been such a wonderful sister to me,
I just browsed through our MSN conversations.
Why all like crap like that LOL.
But I think you’re very funneyyyyyyy =D
And I enjoy talking and sharing life with you.
LOL AHAHAHA :D I like that you can be childish and mature at the same time.
And the rest >:) I think should have affirmation de lor :/
If not uhh I will update this LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!\

I’m a Shreedhee lover! :D Shreedhee-lickin’ good!

November 2, 2010


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I keep remembering my marketing faci’s sad face and I can’t help but feel guilty ):

LOL i don’t know why >:( I JUST FEEL SO GUILTY.

With Christ in the Vessel we can smile at the storm

Smile at the storm x2

With Christ in the Vessel we can smile at the storm

As we go sailing home

Sailing sailing hom x2

With Christ in the Vessel we can smile at the storm

As we go sailing home~


LOL hahhahahaha :D

I still think my marketing faci so funny.
Why Brenda not Acacia? Why Brenda and not Acacia?
Why is it Brenda and not Acacia? Why is it Brenda and not Acacia?
She keep asking and asking Theresa SHO FUNNY :D

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