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January 1, 2010

2010 :D

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Wah :D I’m so glad we’re able to celebrate the new year tgt!!!:D
LOL we = SiHui, Hui Chuen, Henry Sum, Ernest, Quan Sheng, Jia Jing, Yong Li, Cindy, Hilda and hhahaha.I forgot her name again=.=
LOL. Okay, the fireworks display were lousy but hahaha I’m still happy (:
Ya Cause actually Yong Li wanted to call everyone go to the boon lay celebration de.
But not many could go ):
So Yong Li gave up -.-
So sad lei, I mourned the whole way home hahaha.
Then I lie on my bed at home lol.
Then Quan Sheng called~ wooo :D
I love my leader :D hahahhaa.
I rushed down los :P haha
Actually wanted to get the horn thing but only mickey mouse ears were left ):
Ate 2 suasages, 2 sticks of fish toufu( my mum’s de is nicer :P) and a cup of rose drink lol.
Then Si Hui and henry decided to buy soap spray and the stringy thingy o.o
Haha so fun :D
I took the b;lue stingy and rolled into a ball.
I handed it to Si HUi then she tio shock HAHA
lol.Okay so before we went home we played 2 truth 1 lie :P
Super fun :D Should play again haha.
QS got 2 gf before!!!:D HAHAHAHAHA
LOL.Okay I don’t know why I want to annouce it to the whole world but HAHAHA.They must be blind.
lol.Okay la, my leader quite good de la, only very PIG lol.
Haha okay I want to say mine :P
1) Serve more in KOG!
2) Be shepherd of 3
3)Kick QS out! haha no la.Aim to be LGL but long wayyyy :D
4)Go into pyschology course! :D And work HARD!!!
5)Be nicer to QS HAHAHA :D
DQ still wants to be a CL lei HAHAHA.outdated lol.
Okay :D Bye.I’m so tired x.x
I want to I want to I want to :D

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