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September 2, 2010

Take my cup from me!

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Zzz slept in library just now. Like finally.

Borrowed 6 spiritual books + 1 manga drawing.
Hahah, it’s time to improve! Both in my skills and my spiritual life.
I got to give my best for God! :)

Namely: SIN, a handbook for effective youth ministry, God’s bold call to women, the myth of the cross, battle cry for a generation and the passionate church.

I cannot wait to start on all of them (: Especially the passionate church, part of it talks about unchurched Christians. Yes! :) (Y)

God am I really that wierd and hard to understand?

Why does everybody think that I say chim (complicated) things sometimes that they cannot understand? Did I not simplify it to my best why does it still sound so foreign to them? Hais, why uh God why I go everywhere will have that one or two guy like to kajiao me so much. I a lot of things to poke about huh, just make sure your don’t push the wrong button, or taste my flare of well ahem. Terror. I make sure you won’t dare to speak to me lol, ok actually that occurs naturally, I don’t even need to try. Zzz, I think it’s cause of my reaction wise uh? LOL.

Zzz, I’m damn fed up with RP.
Ever since I’ve sent that email last Friday they haven’t got back to me.
How efficient. Truly God, if this is a test of time I’m anxious.
I really am.
I cannot stand the thought of facing my fears and getting heart attacks.
Take my cup from me God, if you’re willing.
Let not my will but yours be done.
Just let me transfer out of the SHL hell hole ): >< FALLING BACKWARDS! ARGHH.
Watch me die people, just watch me get into the mental hospital.

I’m very troubled by zWest in Youth, 

Zzz no that’s not the reason why I borrowed the handbook for effective youth ministry.
God, it’s definetly harder to look on as they struggle against themselves,
than to be in this struggle with them.
I can’t do anything physically.
Gek Kim asked me if it was possible to revert back to the days
where they were spiritually strong as a family.
BT said no.
I tell you the truth, God says yes.
But what I want to ask you people is that: Are you willing to make the sacrifice?

Are you willing to have that same heart and passion for God, giving Him your time and investing in His kingdom?

Or are crushes, school work, work, social influences, money more of a matter to you.
These things may still be important but what are you’re doing this for?
For God or your selfish desires?
For His kingdom or your own gain?
Foolish are you who turns away from the Word which gives everlasting light and life,
do you not see that many are now blinded?
Perhaps you have forgotten this, but HEAR THIS.
SERVE YOURSELF OR GOD. Your choice, your life.
Forfeit the world and you will gain His kingdom,
by adhering to the pleasures of sins what more of a people pleaser are you!

God you know how I feel, you know how I break for them.

What good is a grieving man,

am I not a vessel waiting?


August 20, 2010


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Defining moments are moments that shape us.

I’ve been thinking about my defining moments and I realised,
those are the moments that made me realise:
  1. God is real and ever-present
  2. He LOVES me
  3. stops me from backsliding
  4. brings me back to God.
I don’t know about you people,
but whenever I know that I’m about to backslide.

I don’t reflect, I don’t read the bible.

I read my old blog and previous posts.

Even if I don’t care about it and think it’s all bullshit at that moment,
I can’t help but hold back.
I’m not a strong person,
whenever God’s tests come,
I whine and I’m weak.
And God knows and He exerts force to make me rise to my full potential.
I want to overcome, but I’m simply just lazy to sometimes.

But it makes me stronger, thanks God.

Another thing: I miss Asher Liew De Wen ):
huh like random =/
But it’s kind of sad knowing that going back to Youth won’t be able to see him.
He’s serving in Adults now, in Ting ting group.

Let me fulfill the office of my calling.

January 26, 2010

About God, my glorious Father in heaven.

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I have realised that,

God is a root,  a spiritual seed.

Once its rooted inside you no matter how deep,

its impossible to dig it up , ignore it or pull it up.

It will only reach deeper and deeper into your soul,

gripping firmly onto your heart,

swishing its way into your life undeniably.

To say “I’ve backslided” its an easy thing to say,

to backslide is an easy thing to do,

but to live without God is an impossible thing to do.

To get away from spiritual, blibical people in your life,

I’ve realised. Its impossible.

Because He will secretly place these people in your life,

to constantly bless you,

to love you,

to help you.

No matter you like it a not,

no matter you know it a not,

only time will reveal.

What’s against His plan He will stop,

whoever is with it,

He blesses.

Once His child always His child.

This is one final thing I’ve learnt about God ;

Its that He loves you.

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