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August 31, 2010

Bear’s birthday :D ♥

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 YOOHOOOOOOOO it’s my favourite bear’s birthday ^^!♥

Awww. Really really love her lots :’) She’s 20 now (HAHAHAH)
I believe this bear has made a great impact on many lives and touched many souls as well.
She lived as a great vessel and she was the one who brought me back to God! :)
YES I’m so proud of that FACT :D
Even though I never stalk this bear HAHAH,
I believe she’s an awesome salt and light to non-believers as well :)
If I’d choose five people whom I think God has changed powerfully,
Regina you’re on the top of my list! :D
I just find it amazing that a domineering bear person can be so gentle to love as well! :)
I think you really score on the gentleness factor! xD
The reason why I love her so much still stands :) STRONG!
She is a bear woman of God! Yea AMEN!
Regina if you’re reading this your affirmation does not end here HAHAHAH!
See you on Wed evening <3 ;D MUACKS

PS: REGINA DO YOU REALISE WE’VE NEVER TAKEN A PICTURE TOGETHER??? >< omgoodness. I demand we’d take load when we meet :) I MISS YOU SO MUCH~


August 29, 2010

Protected: LOL.

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Kwan’s birthday :D

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Today is Kwanie birthday! :)

Hahaha he kana tricked by the rock LOL.
Ok la :D You today the most handsome guy on earth LOL.
Appreciate it, I’m going to say it today ONLY :D HAHAHAH
Thank you Kwan kwan :) For always lending a listening ear.
Although you sometimesvery irritating uh ):
I really appreciate you as a brother :)
You’re a wonderful friend too HAHAH,
well thanks for tolerating my nonsense HAHAH.

Happy birthday Kwan :) Grandpa♥ ^^

Shreedhee ):<Stop saying ****** is ugly when I talking to visitor!

HAHAHAH You’re distracting me LOL. Stop getting my atention ♥ HAHAHA

It be very much appreciated if you can get him to take a photo with me  Shreedhee~♥

June 22, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary! :D

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Yay :) Today’s my 1st year as a Christian HAHAH.
Awww Going run with kayaking peeps tomorrow.LOL
I am sick but D: Let’s just torture myself for a bit HEEE :D
Yay :) Thanks Cheryl for wishing me happy birthday :D HAHA
I’m soon going to be going kindergarden ROFL.
Kwan gave me a priceless photo. An epic one HAHAHAH!


YAYYY :D Heys, readers, people, friends out there.
Do keep me in prayer alrights?

I want to pray that :

  1. I fulfill God’s calling for me
  2. God uses me as a vessel more to not only lead but also to serve others
  3. I will be a shepherd by my physical birthday :D
Yayyy :D Happy birthday to me~ hehheh
Yum yum :D I want to EAT! xD
1132 visits to my blog in total ahhaha :D

May 23, 2010

The jealous streak.

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Today I wore high heeled boots (:
Grrr kana suan by Desmond ):
LOL. hhahahahaha.
It’s hard to wear )’: My foot hurts~

Well it’s a great service anyway.

I don’t know about the guys side but for the girls side we have a new convert.
Catherine (:
From my kayaking hahahaha.
Thanks Desmond for bringing her in,
no thanks for suaning me LOL.
I guess she be in my side of Caregroup ba..
Well, the feeling is like hmmm.
Happy that she receive Christ
But not really very contented with well.
Never mind.
Me and my jealous streak.
LOL. Stupid, making myself insecure.
Stupid Acacia ):
Hais, I still feel unhappy even though God reassured me.
It’s not the authority issue.
But never mind.
It will pass.

On the train back home Kwan Shyan asked me what I’d like for my birthday.

I thought for very long.
Cause I’m a very fussy person ahha.
And it’s quite hard really,
cause I’d want things that last.
But eventually I thought of this:
I would liked to have fun with ALL of them on a sunday.
ALL = whole unit pls, not only girls group.
Like this I will very sad de you know ):
And also hope that day, its them having more fun than I do.
Because that’s what makes me happy (:

Never mind never mind never mind.

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