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August 29, 2010

Do not rest disobedient!

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Today, Desmond’s visitor(Kelvin) asked me:

Have you wondered why good people still go to hell? Are they even deserving of it?

Hahah yes I most definitely answered him already. But I am sure many people out there are asking the same questions as well. Why not? Humans are full of doubt. But doubt is good, it brings us closer to God. My answer was immediate, don’t ask me why I don’t know why I thought of it either but thinking back, it all made perfect sense.

Humans are of a sinful nature, no matter how good a person is, people would have all sinned before consciously unconsciously or subconsciously. In the bible it is said that Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:5-7 NO ONE comes to the Father except through JESUS! In the same way, a good person who does not know Jesus will not be able to go to God since he does not know the Son! You see, Christians aren’t perfect people. We sin too, perhaps even more than what the good people who do not know Jesus do. But we have a redeemer who forgives us of our wrong doings and sins as long as we repent, we have a saviour who has died for US we were redeemed through the SON!

It is indeed regretful and heart-breaking that many good people still go to hell because they do not know Jesus. But make this clear, God didn’t send people to hell. It was the un-forgiven sins of the people which sent them to hell, Jesus’ heart breaks when he sees people suffering in hell what more will He do to save us while we are still on this earth!

On a side note, do you know who else goes to hell? It is said that only pure, obedient Christians who lived by faith were able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The way to Heaven is indeed narrow, I just can’t imagine how big and wide the path to Hell is. That’s right, disobedient Christians will spend eternity wandering, outside the gates of the Kingdom. They are of many, but they are still empty and lonely. Obedient Christians will get to enjoy the riches of His kingdom, His special children will get to live in mansions and I guess others will live in normal houses? haha :) We’re but living in the end times, the Kingdom has been completed and Jesus is just waiting for the right time to usher us in. Blessed are those who hold on! It is nearer than most of us think it is, but most certainly God is coming back. I’m excited, are you?

I saw this on one of my friend’s FB:

Have you ever asked yourself why did God choose you out of the 999,999 others? Why you came into this world while others die at birth? Why your still alive when people around you are dying? Why people your age are suffering but you are living in moderate or on the high rollers list? Why she is prettier or he is much mo…re handsome than you? Do you have the answers for it?

Here’s the standard answer:

God has a plan for you, He is waiting for you to participate in this wonderful plan. He has set you aside to use you greatly for His Kingdom, wherever God places you it is to build you never to pull you down, it is always to see you excel for His Kingdom to your highest potential. You are wonderfully and fearfully made, you are made in the image of God Himself, look! You are the most prettiest/handsome to Him! ( Cause you are His creation, and no! God didn’t make a mistake, nobody is a mistake! )What more can you ask for!

Ah well, finished. Tomorrow, it’s chiong-ing time for my studies. God I trust your timing and I pray that you grant me the wisdom and knowledge to finish what I am about to do. I am scared but I have faith that this can be overcome-d with you, I just ask for your blessings to be over me and I thank you, in Jesus’ mighty name I pray, AMEN.


July 29, 2010

God the marathon runner.

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I seriously think Satan is a slacker,
and if that is so then God is a chiong-er.
In fact I don’t think Satan do much work expect to kajiao people,
and stumble Christians.
Humans self volunteer-ly runs towards Satan.
Satan whose’s throne is set among all temptations and sinful pleasures.
In fact, it seems so deceiving that  nobody can tell apart that it’s actually Satan’s lair.
How about God?
He runs after us EVERY DAY.
He runs after sinners,
He runs after the redeemed,
He runs after the undeserving,
He runs after the unwilling,
He runs after the ungrateful.
He runs after US.
See how the Father cares for us,
how He loves every single of His children,
how He shepherds the hurt,
how He brings the lost back to His sanctuary.

My God, is a good God!

May 28, 2010

Seeing God in His robes of light.

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– God shows Himself in different ways with different people.

– God showed himself in the person of Jesus Christ long ago.

And Jesus, who was God in flesh (John 1:1, 14; Colossians 2:9), walked among people, many denied who he was (people couldn’t recognize God!)

– He shows Himself to non-believers / Christians through Christians

Take for example, we might have a problem with a particular sin and we’ve been praying about it, asking God to give us strength to overcome.  We might encounter people who talk to us about the issue very specifically even when they did not know we are encountering that particular problem.

Is this from God? Why wouldn’t it be? Why wouldn’t God use such things as a way to reveal his work in the world? Afterall God’s ways are higher than ours.

– God reveals himself to us through the conviction of our heart

Sometimes we sin, and the Lord will very clearly convict us. We experience a certain and profound sense of anguish and guilt about our sin. Only after confession and repentance to God is the sensation of conviction relieved.

This is the work of God inside a person, because as a parent, God loves His children. No He didn’t purposely wanted to make His children feel guilty but instead, He wants to bring change to them, to mould them to be a better person than they are now.

Believe me, the process is sometimes hard and seems unyielding but after you look back, you be amazed by how He changed you.

– God reveals Himself through testimonies

Probably the most common and well-known. It can be as simple as how God blessed you to as profound as how God works through our lives with miracles.

*SIN is anything that falls short of the perfect standard of God.

May 27, 2010

The thanks I am unable to express to people I rarely thank.

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Today is the last day of school ._. E26A

I’m not very close to many of my classmates but they are fun people seriously!
I really want to thank God for them for being them (:
Yes because simply put,
it’s when they are being them that they bring blessings in my life!
Throughout this short journey with them,
their various aspects and ways shaped me more spiritually strong – in a good way.
Sometimes I may complain against them because of the little discontentment we have.
But truth is, I never had a class as wonderful as this.
It’s long before I experienced my primary school days – in an even better way.
I really love them and although we still have a little time after the two weeks holiday,
I guess I will miss them in the end.

I didn’t go to the talk yesterday by Pastor Michael.

Was too tired I guess.
And chemistry was hard.
Needed to do RJ man,
although the RJ question was crappy.
Thanks a lot faci -.-
Do you have polar or non polar outlook on various aspects of life? Does it make you overall polar or nonpolar?
Last’s week question:
What is marvellous about you?

Later at 7 going Little India with CG (:

Won’t be going movie with class ):
But never mind (:
Eat indian sweets (:

And of all the people, there was none I really held on to, or held on to me. Every time I got close, I let go because I didn’t feel secure. I let go because i was afraid that one day there will be a repetition of pain. Sometimes I find myself sitting back in reminiscence when I have to watch other people kissing.

Adapted from Kinder surprise
which information is adapted from Lily Allen’s Littlest things.
That’s exactly how I feel at times.

I am afraid to trust.

Kinder surprise,
I’d like to thank you for being you too (:
Although your attitude to others may seem downright stuck up and all that.
But to me it brings more than entertainment.
It brings me comfort in the midst of sarcasm,
it brings me laughter in the midst of insults,
it brings me joy in the knowing you care at moments you give me cracks to looks into your life.
it brings me amusement looking at your very self.
Looking at you just made me feel happy.
Sometimes, it’s indescribable about how I feel,
because many a times,
I saw my life through you.
Thanks for being in my life,
I’d never want to lose you as a friend.
You are special,
you understand.
That satisfies me deep inside.
Man, you’re an interesting guy.

April 30, 2010

Light in hands or heart?

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In His Hands by lonelyghost87.

I had a vision of one of the leaders holding a light in his hands. (Kaien :D Hahas!)
He stared and stared at it.
I pushed his head down towards it and he swallowed it in.
And God spoke.
Many a times, we doubt if there’s eternal life.
Many a times we doubt if Jesus even gives us life.
But the truth is we’re the ones who reject this eternal life.
And the tragic part is, many of us hold this light of life in our hands but ask God : Are you really God?
Sometimes, God uses tragedies to catch our attention.
To direct our eyes to the light in our hands.
Because many of us failed to see the light,
many of us doubt that Jesus exists.
Many of us see the light but are afraid to receive it.
Many of us hesitate even before we reached this light.
Many of us just simply reject this light as evil.

How can light be evil?

I’ve wondered and wondered and pondered for days.
And I finally realise why so many people in this world are suffering.

Its because they failed to see and receive the light.

Just how long are you going to reject Him, people?

April 26, 2010

Mixed all up in a rainbow bundle.

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Today, my day started off with me being in a rush to school cause I woke up late ):
Rushed down to find myself just on time.
Climbed 6 storeys up the dreaded stairs.
Checked my grades to only find two sucky Cs.

One of a very sucky reason cause I didn’t hand up my Reflection Journal.

The stupid thing was, I did.
Internet has failed once again.
And humans still think they can be perfect and live without God.
Good gracious.
It makes me feel all sick thinking about this.
Checked my e-mail inbox to only find someone contradicting himself.
I shall regard it as he typed to only pinpoint God and didn’t use his brain in the process.
How sad, wanting to win a already defeated arguement without solid stand.

I was pissed off at one of my classmates.

With his stuck up, I’m so professional attitude.
When he isn’t.
How sad.
I kicked up a fuss when he went toilet break.
Went to find Hope peeps after school.
Complained about how the faci was so unfair.
Ate at the reel room?
Ate pizza, cold chocolate and Cheese and ham crossiant.
LOL-ed with Desmond about the pizza.
Has a short brief teaching from Desmond about the coming up science module.
Went to eat again with Yi Cong and Shreedhee.
And once again when I was talking to them,
it was very obvious that our different mind sets clashed.
Hais, I should have took more notice about it.
Sulked at God how unfair it was to have a different mindset.
” Wear nice also no right heart condition also no use wad. “
Well, it sounds perfectly fine to me-.-“
But I guess your just thought of it at another way.
But that’s okay,
I know, I’m used to it.
I’m used to the reaction, but I will try to phrase it in you people mind sets.
I know, I’m wierd.
I have clashing personalities.
Almost everything about me, is downright wierd.
It sort of makes me interesting I guess.
But people will really won’t know who I am really either.
But to me, this is God’s grace.
I am one of the living proof that : God will use the unexpected.
Surely enough, this is one thing that encourages me a lot.

Because God has used the seemingly impossible.

What less would God use you?
Being a thinker doesn’t neccesarily mean that your mind set will be like me.
No, I didn’t even realise that I had a different mindset.
Until someone told me.
Yes, so its really okay if you don’t understand me.
I don’t expect you to.
Trust me, even if you say you understand,
I know out of 100%,
you probably understand only 60%.
It does make me feel better.

But I do know when you really understand me.

Read Regina’s blog just now.
It made me feel a lot better (:
She is just so sincere,
you find it heart-warming (:
and I still LOVE her!
Thanks loads bear :D
Recently I haven’t been thinking much.
And I just know, God is going to use me soon again.
Not that He didn’t but I’m already growing out of the stumbling block He placed.
Its such an exciting feeling (:
To be back in action again.
To be able to prophesy God’s word.
To be able to intepret what God wants to say.
I can’t wait (:
And I know,
that I want to get my heart condition right!
Trying my best to stay away from sin?
Heck! No problem!
God’s with me after all!!!

Indeed, God will be with me always.

This sadded story, has turned out to be a blessing after all.
Watch out people, God has made my heart right and I’m going to be a blessing in your lives!!! :D


November 18, 2009

I’m blessed!!! :D

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I went for Job interview today :P
And god sent so many people to watch over me!!! x.x
woahh!!! I’ve never felt so protected ever!!! o.o
God is indeed our caring shepherd + Father!
Throughout the whole journey, I felt assured that I wouldn’t go the wrong way.
Haha. Then came the really amazing part.
I regret the bus ride and the interview, but I’m glad I came (:
If not won’t be able to feel God’s POWER!!!
The whole place was littered with factories.
How am I supposed to find the factory right=.=
The person keep telling me got a rooster statue.
Wahlao, the statue how big only sia-.-
A worker ask me where I was going and he told me the directions.
Obviously, I have very poor sense of direction since I go the wrong way LOL.
But when I turned back, guess who I saw? (:
The worker haha.
He offered me a ride in the lorry LOL.
Got two workers, one indian another chinese.
Then he drove me there haha.
The interviewer SOOO FIERCE!
Like interrogating me like that=.=
But when I say I saturday cannot work cause got service o.o
Is sell woman apparel de though, clothes.
SO I’m not working LOL.
Then on the way back, I lost again LOL.
See? Walk back also don’t know haha.
Then I walk and talk with bighead YongLi on the phone.
After I put down the phone, I walk.
And another uncle, chinese, older than the previous one drove me to the bus stop haha.
Ya, luckily la=.=
If not I think I wander there for hours.
So happy (:
The reason why I wasn’t scared of getting abducted or anything is that I know, its God at work :P
And I discerned them before that obviously -.-
God’s blessings is in abundance!
So even though very tired-.-
I think it’s really worth it seeing God send people to my rescue :P
But without knowing the gospel they can’t be saved D:
Without accepting Jesus, they can’t be saved.
I am more convicted in my office gift than ever! :D
I think God purposely de hor ._.
Make me from not like to like.
The cross may not be fully accepted for what it represents but I have to do what I was called to do :)
Still, I must thank God for feeding my holy discontent.
Thank you Abba father :DDD
Oh and I have decided :P
I shall take the paintball instructor and macdonalds (:
I do hope the career motivator employer would call though ._.
Leave it to God ba ;D
My powerful daddy ♥
How much proof do you need? How much miracles do you need see?
Wake up, and take those boards out of your eyes, my child.

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