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June 21, 2010

Bored + tired + falling ill

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LOL. Epic. I’m bored.

And I’m falling sick ):

Flu + headache + fever I think.

I feel like crawling home to sleep now ):

Hais, I don’t want to go school tomorrow.

But I want to go school to get my daily grade. LOL.

Tomorrow is communication and I don’t feel like going.

I feel nauseous. I want to puke.



June 13, 2010


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In this generation where  BGR is of the highest status.

In this world of which breakups are more than common,

patch ups are more than forgiven.

In every worldly relationship,

there is something expected in return.

In every crush, love and infatuation,

there is one desire to be admired,

loved and being important.

In every “I love you”,

there is a hidden motive,

a killer agenda.

In every “let’s break up”,

hopes of a perfect life fell,

curses land upon the desolated ground.

In every broken heart,

people see the ugliness of the truth.

Yet only God looks at it,

picks it up and says:

My child, I’m here for you.

or if you do not like that ending,

Yet only God picks it up and aks:

My child, what can I do for you?

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