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May 24, 2010

Prophecies linked!

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On the train ride to Bugis yesterday,
fear struck me.

In this particular post, she writes about how close it was for the world to experience the dark ages in this period of time, 2010. This I knew as I had a similar warning regarding to this, fall away not from Him in these terrible times! As I remembered the dream prophecy I made in the previous few posts it struck fear in me as I realised how close these people who recently converted / or to be converted in the time to come were so close to not receiving Christ into their lives. Indeed, they are greatly blessed and loved by God.I am now so much so confirmed that this dark age will come soon. In my working days. How many years will that be? Not many. How close were they to eternal damnation. Unless God delays, this dark age will come in this very generation. Lord have mercy on us!

Your child has spoken.


*Disclaimer: I did not read Choo Thomas’s site before I made the dream.

On a side note God, please let my shepherd find her ez-link card. Thank God for her! :)


May 20, 2010

The sad minority.

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What’s there to say?

Well, I’m in a doubtful mood.
And I am questioning the bible.
What’s there to question anywhere?
LOL, there is.
Just that you people never think deep enough.
Which is a good thing anyway.
I’m prodding into it’s “weak” spots.
And I hope it don’t break.
The *POP* sound. Ouch, let’s hope it doesn’t happen.
I’m approaching a question asked by many anti-christs, atheists etc.
In the past, in this present day and in the days to come.
What if there are some people who have NEVER heard of Jesus and the gospel before? They will go to Hell, yes but isn’t that unfair for them?
-Only countries like China rejected it ( in the past ), so if they rejected it as a majority then shouldn’t really be God’s fault isn’t it?
Although it does seem unfair that it’s not an individual opinion, why don’t you just go ask the authorities in power there then?


Fairness is an attribute just like any other and so..
because humans are created with the essence of free will we were born into this world,
Him knowing what we will choose.
That doesnt change anything, you see,
He cant “force” us to hear the gospel,
there are people who has never heard it before but why are they created?

When we were made the very first few of our kind,

Adam  and Eve made the decision to give birth to us.
God didnt MAKE them do it!
So we were born, out of free will
and we hear the gospel or not out of the third party influence of whether another person is going to share Christ to us or not is also,
out of free will of that person.
It is sort of “unfair” to them since they were created
and God even knew they would go to hell before they were even born
but you see life in itself is a gift we were born to this world,
and his essence of love is shown to us through motherly love
through how our parents clothed us and taught us.

A book called dantes’ infernal,

these people I’m talking about:
those who never got to hear the message of the gospel
they suffer in a special section of hell well but thats not true.
I disagree with it.
In “Heaven is so real”,
Choo Thomas a prophetess talks about how Hell will look like.
Just imagine a huge basin,
as if an atomic bomb had landed there.
There those non-believers will be,
wandering for eternity.
Not too bad since you have friends at there as well?
No, in there,
the only hope is to hope to get out of that hell hole.
There will be no laughter, only sorrow.
People wandering around in fatigue.

Random random random.

So there is no free will?
Wake up, go back and see,
there is free will.
Just within your grip.


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