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May 24, 2010

Prophecies linked!

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On the train ride to Bugis yesterday,
fear struck me.

In this particular post, she writes about how close it was for the world to experience the dark ages in this period of time, 2010. This I knew as I had a similar warning regarding to this, fall away not from Him in these terrible times! As I remembered the dream prophecy I made in the previous few posts it struck fear in me as I realised how close these people who recently converted / or to be converted in the time to come were so close to not receiving Christ into their lives. Indeed, they are greatly blessed and loved by God.I am now so much so confirmed that this dark age will come soon. In my working days. How many years will that be? Not many. How close were they to eternal damnation. Unless God delays, this dark age will come in this very generation. Lord have mercy on us!

Your child has spoken.


*Disclaimer: I did not read Choo Thomas’s site before I made the dream.

On a side note God, please let my shepherd find her ez-link card. Thank God for her! :)


May 12, 2010

“Q” & “A”

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My sub-in facilitator told us this today :

Lee Kuan Yew was once asked about the topic: Religion.
He said that all religions should first answer these two questions.
  • origin of life
  • purpose of life
  • My facilitator put in one more question : future of life
Why ask when the answer is all placed there all in a book?
What more a book of life.
For those lazy to read in chunks can even read online.
  • Origin of life
What does the bible says about this?
– Life originates from God.
– God made man in His image and breathed life into them.
– Start of this human chain : Adam and Eve

Humans can never make anything out of nothing but God can!

  • Purpose of life
And again, what else?
There’s only one.
– God.

Our purpose in life as christians is that simple, yet so hard to follow.

That doesn’t mean you have no freedom / right to choose your own purpose or anything.
But the fact remains as God has a purpose for each of us from the begining.
And many a times, people chose to believe that their purpose is to go against God.
That’s not true.
Stop deceiving yourself.
There’s always a choice to make.
Are you discerning today?
  • Future of life
Again, the bible has answered this very clearly.
The future of life with God is full of blessings and joy.
Whereas the future of life without God is bleak and in most cases, with a worldly purpose instead of a heavenly one.
The future of life as a whole,
who is to know?

God stated clearly in the bible that:

– The end times will come.
– Your future depends on which route you choose in life: humans are given a decision. ( That’s what your mind is for. )
– We won’t know whether the whole population of this earth: humans, will be wiped out.
Yes God did say it was the judgment day for EVERYONE, but He didn't allow the angel "guarding" it to demonstrate what will happen to the earth at the end of His wrath.
– What will we be thinking about the future of life then?
As christians: we should be glad that we have a merciful God and that we have been saved, that the years of dark ages have been shortened for the chosen ones.
As non-believers, well that’s for you to decide then isn’t it?

People do tell me it’s stupid to base everything on a book and a “non-existing” God.

I tell you the truth. In this world, things are not always what it seems.
Same goes for my “stupidity”, because that is wisdom in its purest form.

On a side note:

My facilitator, has been teaching us how to insult people with science -.-

May 9, 2010


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We should build our church on the rock- Jesus christ.

It’s true that we should learn from Jesus to be firm in God, to be a rock.
But today on the MRT station, God dropped me this.
I was thinking about the MRT tracks.
Like why go through so much trouble to put rocks on MRT tracks anyway?
Think think think.
Rocks : Hard, mostly rough around the edges.
Uses : Weightage.
How I smiled!
It’s funny. How humorous my God can be.

I believe many people out there, their hearts are like these rocks.

Their hearts, are hardened.
Their hearts, have not been yet moulded by God.
Their hearts are full of burdens.
Unneccessary weightages.

True isn’t it?

And many a times, the MRT will jerk because of these rocks that stand directly in front of the MRT tracks.
We are like the MRT that faces these many hardened hearts – EVERYDAY!
We stumble, we jerk.
But we should never leave the track, because that is the right way!
And this will be how God treats these hardened hearts during the end times.
They will be seperated from the rest like the parable of the wheats and weeds.
The weeds will always be in our lives.
But we must remember, God will allow them to grow together.
But its the end times that will make all the difference.
There will be weeping and the gnashing of teeth.
How terrible is it for those who are there then.

But are Christians really being the light they should be today?

I don’t think so.
Not many are.
Really, how much time do we have left?
How many of you here, are still resisting?
How many more will be striked out from your book?
How many more then will be saved?

This I do not know, but what I know is that I must believe in the impossible.

Because you believed in me.
Because you put people, leaders in my life who believed in me.
You have overcomed, and the impossible came to be saved.
Who’s on the bigger side of the magnifying glass?
Lord, I want it to be you.

Because the impossible has been saved. And I am the impossible.

April 25, 2010

Peace and joy.

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Where there is peace in the heart, joy would be there also.

It’s true isn’t it?
Many a times we ask for the fun element, joy but we seldom ask for peace,
unless disturbed.
One very good example will of course be me.
I always ask from God to pour joy into my heart so that I may worship Him with gladness,
or even just to make me feel happy to put others at ease.
But I seldom ask for peace.
And many a times, joy would be short circuited because there is no peace in my heart.
It doesn’t matter whether your surroundings are peaceful,
it’s your heart that really matters!
Satan can steal from whatever is in your surroundings but he can’t steal what’s in your heart.

Especially when there’s a god-shaped lock there (:

Without peace,
joy is made less possible.
I want to grow in God,
I want to stay deeply rooted in Him :D
Not just floating around at times.
These few months or even weeks if God may permit,
I will be working on my peace and self-control (:
Yupp, JY ppl :D
The end times are surely coming.
Really, how terrible it is for those who fall away during these times.
The dark ages are coming.
Soon, perhaps maybe even sooner than we think it would.
I just learned that the 144,000 people in the first revival are not those being saved,
they are those being called by God for a special purpose.
Pastors, prophets, evangelists etc.

Hooray (:

May I continue in this work of yours,
so that I will be in the first revival!
Indeed, as the times draw closer,
Satan gets stronger.
But only temporarily.
I pray that eyes that are blind would open soon,
ears that are deaf will hear as well.
Of course,
even It would help most if discernment in the hearts blossom.
Wooo (: My God is real and living!

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