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October 28, 2010

G make a way!

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I dreamt of my Decor / Production Design Ministry leader yesterday.
Umm… hahhahaha :D
Lol anyway, Production Design Ministry is the new name for Decor ministry.
Yayy! I think Decor is getting fun lei seriously.
He asked us if we have any ideas for the church based Christmas tree
I have thought of it le la and I think a paper based Christmas tree would be stylish and unique.
LOL Inspiration from food :D HAHAHA
And the t-shirt I also think of it le (= Going to do out the design and send him later.

Marcomm leader replied she say must more formal cause for 40 years old adults.

I don’t know how to change it ><
She also asked if I know how to design invite cards.
LOL I told her I all first time ):
Well if she give me do I don’t mind lor, just that it’s my first time )=
And I will have to rack my brains to think how to do again LOL.
But yayy! Art makes me happy (=
Hahah okay, I’m going to go home and do out the design for both Marcomm and Decor.
Can’t wait for school and LG to end! :)

Hahah ok so bad ): BUT, I’m really excited.

I still remember in the past I would loved to see my designs and inspirations on display.
LOL not recognition la, just that it satisfies me in seeing that G is using me!!!
Will be so happy to use this talent he gave.
Hahah although I don’t have the spiritual gift of Creative comm ):
But, G gave me talent to fill my lack (=
God is great yea! :D
Do finish I will post it on blog de (= Happy happy~


I read the email wrongly ): Is T-shirt only LOL.
Sian, hais this is what you get when you are bored by lessons x.x.

August 10, 2010

Dancing to a heartbeat

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Shreedhee encouraged me to join Decor. My art sucks seriously -.-
Leanne was pretty excited when she asked me
during service what ministry I want to join and I said Decor.
Hahhas, ok I am also excited about it but yes.
ESS ): When are you coming!
LOL and I haven’t said the second one yet.
Singers. HAHAH. Omg, I should just forget about it-.-
And no uh =.= I’m not thinking of joining just because he’s inside.
I want to join singers! D:
Hahahs yea -.- as if I have the nerve to lol.
I am too much of a stage-fright person LOL.
Ate pizza (again) hahha cognitive facilitator treat.

Went to watch Aftershock with Lingling after school.

Quite a nice movie, I’d like to visit there someday to absorb its surroundings.
I want to sit down and feel its dusty ground and trace along the houses which aged with time.
Where can I find old bricks?
I’d like to play with one.
Seems like a very good place to be alone.
Recently, I want to be with people but yet feel alone at the same time.
It sort of makes me happy.
I evangelised today, I hope God is happy with me ):
I sort of was nervous.
I talked through MSN even though she’s right beside me -.-

Lingling two dogs licked me all over ): So tickle-ish.

She asked me if I have a boyfriend now.
LOL. No -.-
I show her the things lor.
Tell me, I know what I see in you but why do I have to go that extent?
Perhaps I will really be sad then.
I want to hug Vannie tomorrow (:
Our secret affair was exposed on screen today x.x (hahahaha.)

I want to go to an old railway track next shepherding.

And just be quiet there.
With a camera.
Going to watch Step up with Cheryl this Friday.
Why do I feel so much of liking to be alone these days?
I feel like the lone Acacia tree in the middle of the desert.
Why do you let earthquakes and natural disasters happen God?
Everyone is calling me a tree -.-

Do trees fall in love?

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