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August 13, 2010


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If I had a choice of job,

I’d like to teach kindergardeners or teach art to primary school children ♥ :D

It’s only when I met E26A that I understood the meaning of
Vitamin C’s graduation song: Friends forever.
Thanks Tessa for the video! :)
Thanks E26A people for being the most AWESOME people in my life!
So this is what it’s like to have such an AWESOME class.
To think I never believed in it.
It’s true to say it’s a like a family we’ll never have.
As semester 2 approaches I have nothing but fear
that my next class isn’t going to be that awesome.
Another thing: It’s dangerous to be pictured as a guy and girl LOL.



August 11, 2010

Class E26A

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Science faci wanted to give our class a treat.
LOL super a lot of sugestions then in the end wenxin suggested to split the money.
$4 each.
Lol and the class still couldn’t decide and faci was like: Cynthia what do you think?
OMG :/ I was like: Uhh. I don’t think money is a good idea.
Yea, too less faci said.
LOL. That’s not what I mean -.-
Then someone suggested to keep it for outing: $80.
And nobody want to keep it-.-
She want to give it to a girl.
LOL I so fed up I say I keep it.
Faci smiled -.- wtheck.
Then in the end they want to give her the money back D: WALAO.
LOL. Go through so much trouble -.-“
I like my shiny shirt :)
Got one shiny thing fell out ): SIAN to the max.

It’s actually amazing how much Mason can look like a man

when he’s not talking about some wrong stuffs.

I want to lie on the green pastures,
dance through the isolated streets
and walk through old railways.

I want to be a child

reminiscing the unknown.

August 3, 2010

Why people do what they do.

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I think I understand now why some people dont feel the things some people do.
Indeed God has made each of us unique.
To tell the truth I barely feel anything for animal abuse.
LOL. Yes sounds inhumane but at least I don’t abuse them.
Just that no feeling. Or strong feeling.
Blah blah (: At least God made me feel for other things.
Perhaps this is also why some people don’t feel the need for God in their lives.
God = not important. To them that’s it.
Why? Cause of many factors.
But none of them strong enough to diminish the love of God.

08/08/2010: National Day

Girl wear red, guys wear white.
LOL we are so patriotic (:
hhahas! I just saw Daryl silent laugh OMG.
He’s the silent killer ROFL.
*pats head* I should stop bullying him LOL.

Oh darn it there’s only four 16s in my class -.-

And we have to go home by 11pm =/
Oh my gawd Friday, 17th september will be my class outing.
And they are bringing wine and alcohol~
I’m going to stay away from all of you=.= I don’t like the smell LOL.
hahah Shafie, nish nish. LOL say nice properly la Shafie.

Kwan CUT HIS HAIR. LOL. Make his face sooo white LOL. But nice hahahs.

In a world where each was made unique,

they were too created to worship the One and Only.

June 24, 2010

Class E26A

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Suriah to Daryl: How to spell your name?
Daryl: Daryl
Suriah to Daryl: How to spell Daryl?
Daryl: Daryl
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Walao How to spell la!
Daryl: *laughs blur-ly* oh, D-a-r-y-l

Umar: Faci, I just like to say our team has emphasized on  the people needs.

How can a super, SUPER CITY be super when they don’t even have a hospital?
SO Super city ain’t so super at all.
So can I say this is the law of sarcasm?
Facilitator: Where got law of sarcasm?
Class: Laughs*
Umar: Hides face* AHHH

May 27, 2010

The thanks I am unable to express to people I rarely thank.

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Today is the last day of school ._. E26A

I’m not very close to many of my classmates but they are fun people seriously!
I really want to thank God for them for being them (:
Yes because simply put,
it’s when they are being them that they bring blessings in my life!
Throughout this short journey with them,
their various aspects and ways shaped me more spiritually strong – in a good way.
Sometimes I may complain against them because of the little discontentment we have.
But truth is, I never had a class as wonderful as this.
It’s long before I experienced my primary school days – in an even better way.
I really love them and although we still have a little time after the two weeks holiday,
I guess I will miss them in the end.

I didn’t go to the talk yesterday by Pastor Michael.

Was too tired I guess.
And chemistry was hard.
Needed to do RJ man,
although the RJ question was crappy.
Thanks a lot faci -.-
Do you have polar or non polar outlook on various aspects of life? Does it make you overall polar or nonpolar?
Last’s week question:
What is marvellous about you?

Later at 7 going Little India with CG (:

Won’t be going movie with class ):
But never mind (:
Eat indian sweets (:

And of all the people, there was none I really held on to, or held on to me. Every time I got close, I let go because I didn’t feel secure. I let go because i was afraid that one day there will be a repetition of pain. Sometimes I find myself sitting back in reminiscence when I have to watch other people kissing.

Adapted from Kinder surprise
which information is adapted from Lily Allen’s Littlest things.
That’s exactly how I feel at times.

I am afraid to trust.

Kinder surprise,
I’d like to thank you for being you too (:
Although your attitude to others may seem downright stuck up and all that.
But to me it brings more than entertainment.
It brings me comfort in the midst of sarcasm,
it brings me laughter in the midst of insults,
it brings me joy in the knowing you care at moments you give me cracks to looks into your life.
it brings me amusement looking at your very self.
Looking at you just made me feel happy.
Sometimes, it’s indescribable about how I feel,
because many a times,
I saw my life through you.
Thanks for being in my life,
I’d never want to lose you as a friend.
You are special,
you understand.
That satisfies me deep inside.
Man, you’re an interesting guy.

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