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November 12, 2010

What is the retaining factor in your life?

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Hi so tired today (: Have to wear formal x.x
On the train home while I was playing out imaginative scenarios in my mind,
I  suddenly thought of this hahahaha.

People should be the attracting factor, not the retaining factor.

Churches: The attracting factor is always mainly people, but the retaining factor must always be God!

People can’t see God, they see us because without knowing it, they are actually seeing our God we so proclaim to be true through our lives. So are you glorifying God today? Because the world’s perception of God is through Christians, if our lives are not glorifying God and that God is not real in our lives, who are we to say that God is real in our lives? That’s hypocrisy!

And this comes to the point that because of not having a relationship with God, lost sheep have to see people to see Christ, but when they know Christ they really have to KNOW Christ! That is the retaining factor, God! They have to stop seeing the canvas you paint through Christ and pick that brush up and paint it on their canvas with Christ.

Humans can never be the retaining factor, because we are imperfect. And because of that we sometimes do things that are not glorifying to God and to others. We tend to hurt people accidentally, we flare up, we don’t strive for excellence in the things we do, we get jealous and insecure. That’s all not glorifying God. If the retaining factor is people, that sheep will not only not grow much (It is only in Christ that we experience growth), he/she will not be living his/her life for God’s purposes (because he/she loves the praises of men more than God’s, he/she saw people, not God! God is not that real in his/her life!), he/she will not only leave in the end, he/she will leave with a hurt in her/his heart that God is not a good God. And that’s not true and we know it.

And although as much as I hate to admit it sometimes, God is definitely the creator of our lives. Jesus is definitely God’s son. The holy spirit definitely exists in our lives. God definitely loves people, God definitely loves me. Jesus definitely died for our sins, Jesus definitely loves me more than I love Him. The holy spirit definitely can move in our lives, the holy spirit definitely wants to move in us more than we want it to move in us. And that people will definitely be the retaining factor in our lives if our eyes are not focused on God.

Sure, I know all these even before this sentence was revealed to me.

But it gave me a fresh new perspective and judging by how it was phrased.
It definetly wasn’t from me, in fact I was so amazed with it hahahaha.
Ok tomorrow’s Saturday :)
God I need your anoiting!
I still have 2 math papers, the invite card (oops, but it’s half done haha),
WFL tomorrow and haha sleep ):



November 9, 2010

These people, make me cry. Happily.

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I really thank God that there’s always someone in my life that’s not afraid to point out my mistakes and sins.

I thank God that there will always be that one person there at every station of my spiritual life.

I really love these people who care more about my spiritual life than my comfort.

They are people who see the value of God and the value of me in God,

they are people who believe that I can change through Christ.

Such thing can be felt, I feel loved when these people correct me.

Not hurt or angry nor pissed off because I can feel that their motive is pure.

That they only want me to do one thing, to glorify God.

What makes me stop in my tracks of responding negatively,

is more than respect for them,

more than fear or tongue-tied,

but love. The courage to just blatantly correct me straight in my face.

And whenever they correct me, I just know this thing in the midst of trying hard to change,

so hard that it befuddle me sometimes.

But I know deep inside as the holy spirit would tell me,

someday I’m going to thank this person who loves my very life.


November 5, 2010


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I’ve been rejoicing! :D

So many things coming my way, bad ones.
But I’m rejoicing =D
You have no idea how great it feels to be happy when you’re supposed to be sad/angry.
That’s called rejoicing! Not when everything’s fine and your life’s easy
but when everything starts to oppose you, when nothing is going right.
And for that, I don’t see a need to have negative feelings towards such things anymore!
And I don’t see why anyone should.
There’s really no reason/excuse to be sad over such things.
I’m a overcomer in Christ! =)
This sin has no longer a foothold in my life! :D *KICKS*
I’m rejoicing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at me Satan! I’m REJOICING :D *DANCES*
The best part is that, you know that G must be very proud of you for overcoming!
I will be a cheerful cheerful cheerful believer!!!!!!! *SMILESSSSSSSSSS*

October 30, 2010

Updates on life in 29th and 30th October.

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My dad woke me up at 6 plus today.
Cause I yesterday slept super early yesterday lol.
HUH ): Means what Theresa predicted was correct T_T
I ate waffles for my 3 meals LOL.
Breakfast- 1 Choclate waffle from W1
Lunch- 2 Chocolate + cornflakes waffles from Lawn (3-4 bites she ate)
Dinner- 1 plain waffle + Mint ice-cream + Liquid Hershley chocolate from the kopitiam?
Near Theresa’s house. Ate with Kwan Shyan.
Kwan and I got lost yesterday LOL.
I had fun fellowshipping. But ya la ya la tired la -.- GRRRRRR.

Lol, it’s funny just how different we are yet can click almost instanteously.

I love my guava / gingerbread girl / lu chi / bai chi! :D
LOL I got miss anything out?
After our first group together we immediately started talking online already.
LOL. At first I never really notice her lei. HAHAAHAH.
I think we have a special connection ^^
Yay I’m so happy! Yesterday Theresa said that she wants to go church!
To have fun la, but who doesn’t in the begining?
Made me so damn happy. ♥ Especially because she didn’t want to last Friday.
See? People see us, not God.  That’s why it’s super important to watch our actions and speech.
They can’t see God, but they see how God has changed us and who God’s people are.
I hope that when I invite her for next service she will be willing to come =)
Excited for God! I can’t wait to see how He’s going to move in her life!
She may not come I don’t know. But this is really an encouragment for me!=)
God is faithful indeed ^^

So hungry now. Ate 3-4 pieces of jelly just now.

I like cause it’s boucy and smooth LOL. Sounds wrong.
I like plain jellies {=
Felt a bit burdened just now cause of my classmate.
And I completed my RJ wit the help of Anthony HAHAHAHA!
Thank God for you!
Oh and YAYYYYYYY! I get to design the invite cards for pre-Christmas.
I promise I will try my best to do a Godly job! =)
LOL. So damn happy. ♥♥♥♥♥

 WFL LATER AT 12! I’m going for Life managment essentials. BATHE!

You know what you planned for me G. I may lag now.
But I’m going to experience exponential growth and  be a warrior for Christ!
Faithful potter, mould me, lead me, use me and guide me.
Faithful God, help me to see my potential in you, help me to be a woman of G.
Faithful servant and prophet of God, Elijah, tell me the story of God through your life.
Faithful leader and servant of all, teach me to be more like you.


After WFL, I expect growth!

October 28, 2010

G make a way!

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I dreamt of my Decor / Production Design Ministry leader yesterday.
Umm… hahhahaha :D
Lol anyway, Production Design Ministry is the new name for Decor ministry.
Yayy! I think Decor is getting fun lei seriously.
He asked us if we have any ideas for the church based Christmas tree
I have thought of it le la and I think a paper based Christmas tree would be stylish and unique.
LOL Inspiration from food :D HAHAHA
And the t-shirt I also think of it le (= Going to do out the design and send him later.

Marcomm leader replied she say must more formal cause for 40 years old adults.

I don’t know how to change it ><
She also asked if I know how to design invite cards.
LOL I told her I all first time ):
Well if she give me do I don’t mind lor, just that it’s my first time )=
And I will have to rack my brains to think how to do again LOL.
But yayy! Art makes me happy (=
Hahah okay, I’m going to go home and do out the design for both Marcomm and Decor.
Can’t wait for school and LG to end! :)

Hahah ok so bad ): BUT, I’m really excited.

I still remember in the past I would loved to see my designs and inspirations on display.
LOL not recognition la, just that it satisfies me in seeing that G is using me!!!
Will be so happy to use this talent he gave.
Hahah although I don’t have the spiritual gift of Creative comm ):
But, G gave me talent to fill my lack (=
God is great yea! :D
Do finish I will post it on blog de (= Happy happy~


I read the email wrongly ): Is T-shirt only LOL.
Sian, hais this is what you get when you are bored by lessons x.x.

October 24, 2010

G’s in style!

Was searching a picture for the e-invite when I came across a particular picture.
It just made me reflect.
An my conclusion for it is:

I guess that fellowship really requires nothing less than acceptance.

Today went to the Marina Bay Sands with Theresa and her friend.
Lol, the talk was boring.
But there were many free samples HAHAHAHAH and food LOL.
I like the sword toothpick from the beef burger and the mint lip balm.
Theresa does not like beef LOL.
After the whole tour Theresa and I walked around the area.
We watched the performance of the “Three bells”.
Lmao, we were amazed and amused.
Theresa caught a picture of the middle woman looking really scary hahaha.

They super professional can, they like not scared one ):

Then we tried to go to the sky park with no luck.
Cause need buy ticket, $20 lei walao.
That’s for adults. Children: $14, Senior citizens: $17
So expensive, out to cheat tourists money confirm plus chop.
Lol, the hotel there are like HDB flats.
Well they do look like HDB flats. And they resemble the leaning tower of Pisa.
So I called them the new seven wonder: The leaning HDB flats LOL.
Super disappointed. I thought it would be high and classy.
Turns out to be rather cheap skate.
LOL. I don’t know about the interior of the room but the outer pretty much sucks already.
LOL I like the luggage tolley. So nice!
And also very sadly since my sense of direction CMI,
Theresa one also not very good we ended up walking a lot.
HAHAHAHAHAH. Eh but at least in the beginning I knew it was the wrong way.
But they keep insisting LOL. Then have to walk again Zzz.
Today’s KPOP night. LOL obviously I didn’t go.
But I guess tonight all the fans who went will go to sleep enthralled.

Went service and after service, start plan!

I forgot cake and lighter lol.
Celebrated Catherine’s birthday, hahaha.
Weiloong say it’s a failure. I think it’s a success LOL.
LOL thanks Shermy for letting me drag you all over the place just to go back again.
Just blame it on Kwan LOL.
Went home with Shreedhee and Weiloong.
Shreedhee ask why we always quarrel. LOL.
How I know. Ask him la.
He’s the one who thinks my reactions and funny and fun to play with LOL.
His favourite game is keeping me in suspense ):
Other than his annoying annoyance >:( He’s pretty much a great guy.

Damn Weiloong.

This week never go home with Kwan at all! D:
>:(  >:(  >:(
Ok la I not angry but next time at least tell me lol.
I’m pretty much done with the whole design of the e-invite.
I just need to find the perfect picture.
I want it to convey the powerful message of fellowshipping and joy.
Will upload it on blog after I’m done (:
And this is only the first draft oh well.

&& my wisdom tooth that’s growing out ): IS SO IRRITATING.

October 20, 2010


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I’ve been thinking about love.
Can we really claim to love G after we know the true definition of love?

1 Corinthians 13:4-10

4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

 8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.

I know we’re by humans standards but is that still love?
Is that still love if we lack in one area?
Will that make me a hypocrite?
If ours is imperfect love then why is that still called love?
So many damn questions ):<
I need to address everything!!!!!!! T_T
Tomorrow’s Financial Accounting, a bit sian.
I really have no idea what’s she talking about sometimes.
Four of my daily grades are up lol.
I will wait for the last one first before announcing haaahah.
Wanted to create tumblr posts today but decided to stop at one.
Cause ): felt very bored..
I’ve feel so sian ever since Facebook’s Critter island suddenly disappeared to thin air.
Wtheck ): Sian ttm.
Ok nights! I should be asleep ):<

October 9, 2010

Overover :)

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Dear God,

I’m such a happy girl these few days (: Thanks for being with me during my birthday, thanks for the people you’ve put to celebrate it with me. God, I’m glad I made the right choice to stay with you, I’m really really glad. I’m 17 years old now, spiritually older as well. Looking back it just seemed as if I’ve travelled long and far with you but surprisingly it’s been so short. I’m glad, this means I can discover more of you while I’m on earth. I’m so happy that you love your people, you’ve could have chose not to. We’re so undeserving of your grace and love. God, you know my wishes. Let’s work together to make it happen alright? :) I know your blessings won’t end now, let me be more receptive to your miracles. God, thank you. There’s so much more I want to say, but you know. I think, I’m ready to throw away self will and accept your will in my life. I’m going to grow, God. I’m going to be so teachable I will experience spiritual growth spurt again. Waiting for your Word, see you tomorrow at your house God (: NIGHTS!

PS: I love you.♥

October 7, 2010

Marriage & motives

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I think. I’m never going to get married.
Lol, perhaps I’m going to look back at this post years later and laugh at the irony.
Lmao, doesn’t life suck in a way that as you get to know more people,
along the way your expectations go higher,
your future boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband starts to need some added qualities?
Well, I guess in a way it does make things clearer about who we really want.
And not just chasing around some fantasies and dreams.
Perhaps some people say it’s okay to lose some of those qualities,
if not very hard to find husband/wife hahah.
God begs to differ, He created a special being for each of us.
Sometimes, we’re just too impatient.
Even if we find our soul mate at a young age,
they haven’t mature to be that kind of person we were suppose to be with.
If you ask me, it’s a waste.
Still there are some people like my mum: don’t smoke don’t drink not abusive love you can already.
Lol, like that. I can simply just pick a random guy from the street.
My mum tells me not to go for water baptism on the 05102010.
Five days before I decide to go and die.
She tells me I won’t know where my husband next time what religion,
later water baptism then next time very troublesome.
How to tell her I die die also will marry Christian or out of the question?
Hahahs I guess this sounds rather obstinate and stupid.
Ahh well sleeps (:
My skin condition is getting real bad.
It’s so sensitive that at any point of salty contact,
which particularly means even if I sweat.
I will have bumps all over my body.
Which are itchy and not even red.
And guess when all this started? When I decided to go Sentosa =.=
Hmmm, I guess I will have to keep myself extra clean.
In a same way when our body is unclean and riddle with sins,
we carry these small packages of burdens and uncleanliness.
How dirty and sinful is your body today?
Just count the bumps on you,
I was surprised because it sort of reminded me how sinful I was,
I made me felt dirty :/
I often do the right things for the wrong purposes and motives,
this generally made my soul and heart tainted and unpure.
I’m usually driven by selfishness and I’m rather self-promoting in spirit.
I end up always stealing glory that belongs to God and others.
PEOPLE are willing to give as long as God repays THEM for their giving.
PEOPLE are willing to serve as long as people NOTICE and give ample praise.
PEOPLE are willing to sacrifice as long as they find an ADVANTAGE in the sacrifice.
PEOPLE are willing to worship as long as they find FULFILLMENT and BLESSING in the act.

Sounds familiar?

I often commit the fourth and third.
I’m really ashamed to say that sometimes I can be like the Pharisees,
I love the praises of men more than the praises of God.
You know, it’s sort of pride and recognition.
But I think I should get rid of this *frowns*
Guilty guilty guilty ):
I guess all these would have been enough to convict me for life.
Last but not least.
I compromise values which many of a times caused me to be separated from God’s presence.
Which is rather irritating cause I hate it when I can’t hear God.
Here’s the areas of growth for me:
  1. Right motive and purposes, pure untainted heart
  2. Growth in wisdom
  3. Be more serving
  4. Child-likeness faith
  5. Teachable, Ever willing to learn
  6. Stronger R/s with God.
I was hesitating to put number 6..
hahas I cannot put goals that I’m not willing to go for ^^
But yes God, more time with you speaking to me is very much appreciated.
I guess God, as we go along in life I’m not very much a spiritual baby anymore.
You’ve been feeding me solid food.
You’ve been requiring me to talk more to you than you to me.
I guess, it’s really a test of faith,
for me to believe whether I’m talking to air or if you’re still here beside me.
But God, I really like to hear your awesome voice again,
on bus rides, on MRTs.
I wonder God if we can have those awesome time spent,
you rebuking me, comforting me,  joking with me?
Those visions and prophecies were so cool.
I’d spend hours in awe of them, in awe of you.
It’s very much because of those things I find it hard to disbelieve in you.
But God please hear me, I really want that R/s back with you.
I promise I will still talk (: But please. I miss you. Really.
Enough said, I’m going to eat buffet later (=
God, come with me on this MRT ride okay? (‘: I really love you.

October 5, 2010

I’m sho cute heehee ^^

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Lmao, I just read my old blog http://babymerlion.spaces.live.com again.
I just think I’m so cute last time =) hahas! The way I blog lor.
I cannot believe how faith-filled and teachable I was.
Anyway, I’m not complementing myself on purpose haha.
It’s just that it’s amazing. I mean, is that really ME?
That’s it. I need to make that my personal goal.
Faith faith faith! I NEED MORE OF IT!
And I just can’t believe that I said that I want my path of my life journey to be long..
SO that I can learn more?

The roads seems SO LONGGGGG! But God will shorten it (: I’m far from what I’m to become, but its not that I’m not near either. Confusing right? Well, its just that. It depends on God, whether He wants to stretch your path, or shorten it. In either way, I hope its long. Cause can learn more haha.

Omg :/ The now me finds the old me so cute and so willing to learn!
Zzz, now me, you need to have that child-like faith and teachable spirit.
Hmm but now me, I like to affirm you for being wiser ^^
And I have this craving for sushi right now )= *mouth waters*
Hmm, perhaps as I grow I will become wiser and my blog will become more chim haha.
Then when I look back I will find the now me cute too (=
I do hope there will be more wisdom showered into my next chapter of blog.
But hopefully it won’t go to the extent of super chim-nology.

Heehee candace ♥s spongebob ^^

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