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November 24, 2010


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Oh god. This makes me so scared.

Ask her to teach?
What’s going through your mind really?
My mind and heart literally freezed when I heard it.
I was at a total loss of words and I just thought.
What exactly went wrong?
It’s just for fun right? You’re just going to watch and not do it right?
And although I plugged both ears with SHINee music,
those words cut through all the music.
The music just felt so bland all of the sudden, I sat there filled with terror.
Is that how you want to wake me up G?
7 in total out of 23 people. Now 1 more added.

What’s all these compared to that one life?

Is it me? Am I not showing you through me? Is this why it’s happening?
I’m not only shocked because you don’t seem like that kind of person,
but also because you told her all those disadvantages yesterday.
And you’re doing it today?
It doesn’t make sense at all.
Did I really need this big shake-up G?
I know I’ve been ignoring you did I really need to be woken up this way?
Perhaps it’s because my heart has gone stone cold,
and that I’ve been idolising.
I know you’re angry and disappointed with me.
Urgh. I don’t know just what to do.
Is she really going to do it?

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