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August 29, 2010

Do not rest disobedient!

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Today, Desmond’s visitor(Kelvin) asked me:

Have you wondered why good people still go to hell? Are they even deserving of it?

Hahah yes I most definitely answered him already. But I am sure many people out there are asking the same questions as well. Why not? Humans are full of doubt. But doubt is good, it brings us closer to God. My answer was immediate, don’t ask me why I don’t know why I thought of it either but thinking back, it all made perfect sense.

Humans are of a sinful nature, no matter how good a person is, people would have all sinned before consciously unconsciously or subconsciously. In the bible it is said that Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:5-7 NO ONE comes to the Father except through JESUS! In the same way, a good person who does not know Jesus will not be able to go to God since he does not know the Son! You see, Christians aren’t perfect people. We sin too, perhaps even more than what the good people who do not know Jesus do. But we have a redeemer who forgives us of our wrong doings and sins as long as we repent, we have a saviour who has died for US we were redeemed through the SON!

It is indeed regretful and heart-breaking that many good people still go to hell because they do not know Jesus. But make this clear, God didn’t send people to hell. It was the un-forgiven sins of the people which sent them to hell, Jesus’ heart breaks when he sees people suffering in hell what more will He do to save us while we are still on this earth!

On a side note, do you know who else goes to hell? It is said that only pure, obedient Christians who lived by faith were able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The way to Heaven is indeed narrow, I just can’t imagine how big and wide the path to Hell is. That’s right, disobedient Christians will spend eternity wandering, outside the gates of the Kingdom. They are of many, but they are still empty and lonely. Obedient Christians will get to enjoy the riches of His kingdom, His special children will get to live in mansions and I guess others will live in normal houses? haha :) We’re but living in the end times, the Kingdom has been completed and Jesus is just waiting for the right time to usher us in. Blessed are those who hold on! It is nearer than most of us think it is, but most certainly God is coming back. I’m excited, are you?

I saw this on one of my friend’s FB:

Have you ever asked yourself why did God choose you out of the 999,999 others? Why you came into this world while others die at birth? Why your still alive when people around you are dying? Why people your age are suffering but you are living in moderate or on the high rollers list? Why she is prettier or he is much mo…re handsome than you? Do you have the answers for it?

Here’s the standard answer:

God has a plan for you, He is waiting for you to participate in this wonderful plan. He has set you aside to use you greatly for His Kingdom, wherever God places you it is to build you never to pull you down, it is always to see you excel for His Kingdom to your highest potential. You are wonderfully and fearfully made, you are made in the image of God Himself, look! You are the most prettiest/handsome to Him! ( Cause you are His creation, and no! God didn’t make a mistake, nobody is a mistake! )What more can you ask for!

Ah well, finished. Tomorrow, it’s chiong-ing time for my studies. God I trust your timing and I pray that you grant me the wisdom and knowledge to finish what I am about to do. I am scared but I have faith that this can be overcome-d with you, I just ask for your blessings to be over me and I thank you, in Jesus’ mighty name I pray, AMEN.


August 3, 2010

Hey there Lucifer!

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Somehow, whenever City Harvest has an event, critics will zoom in.

Not that I am a City Harvest member or anything.
But I understand it’s the biggest church in Singapore.
Strike the shepherd, scatter the sheep.

Satan, truthfully. I don’t understand you.

If you are to establish a kingdom yourself why disturb the people of God?
I mean like what’s the use of people backsliding and having them sin against God?
Doesn’t it disturb you that they were once folowing someone holy?
It’s not like you can purify people with evil right?
If there was one person I like to interview and understand.
That would be you.
Yes, opposing what others would normally want to interview.
God, celebrities and all that.
Satan I would like to have interviewed you.
Somehow I also wonder what kind of guy you think you are.
Maybe you think that you are very cool and all that? >_. hmmm.
As much as I would have liked to obey God, I’d like to step into your shoes.
In the past and now.
And I even wonder if you have emotions.

July 16, 2010


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Yay :D Watched Blood Pledge with Yi cong just now (:
I think it’s nice, better than most horror movies.
And I think I saw Qiuling just now buying tickets lol.
Hahahs we brought double seafood combo but the seafood never came :/
Got another secondary school people also like that.
In the end we got refunded $3 each.(For yicong and me)
We had to rush down to buy tickets and practically cut crowds
as a lot of people just finished UT and school.
I’m amazed by the huge masses of people! I never knew there were so many x.x
Listened to Just stand up by a lot of female artistes.

I don’t know, it just reminded me and made me think of many things as well.

I’ve become more hottempered lately and NO,
please do not use this as a basis of an excuse when you are in the wrong and I tell you so.
I wonder if I should go for CG tomorrow.
Not that it’s a life and death option,
but I just need time to think through.
Thanks Shreedhee loads for hearing me rant yesterday :D
Thanks so much for being sensitive,
hahas I like sharing to Shree.
It makes me feel comfortable as I know I won’t be judged.
Shreehee is very neutral (:
This part of you always constantly reminds me of what my youth UL said to me.
Being sensitive to other people needs is to be sensitive to the holy spirit. When you are sensitive to other people needs, you will find it easier to love them.
Hahas :D Regina UL bear BANGSSSS ~
True isn’t it?
Many people have told me I’m sensitive to other people,
which I don’t get how either but oh well.
Sometimes I lose sight of it, I become domineering and a strict perfectionist
making me look at their flaws instead of their strengths.
My biggest mistake and perhaps one of my deadliest mistakes.
It makes me shut off.
And everything falls into pieces again.

Hell is a scary place,

why people choose death instead of life is because sometimes,

the meaning and value to continue is meaningless.

So why live in life?

May 20, 2010

The sad minority.

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What’s there to say?

Well, I’m in a doubtful mood.
And I am questioning the bible.
What’s there to question anywhere?
LOL, there is.
Just that you people never think deep enough.
Which is a good thing anyway.
I’m prodding into it’s “weak” spots.
And I hope it don’t break.
The *POP* sound. Ouch, let’s hope it doesn’t happen.
I’m approaching a question asked by many anti-christs, atheists etc.
In the past, in this present day and in the days to come.
What if there are some people who have NEVER heard of Jesus and the gospel before? They will go to Hell, yes but isn’t that unfair for them?
-Only countries like China rejected it ( in the past ), so if they rejected it as a majority then shouldn’t really be God’s fault isn’t it?
Although it does seem unfair that it’s not an individual opinion, why don’t you just go ask the authorities in power there then?


Fairness is an attribute just like any other and so..
because humans are created with the essence of free will we were born into this world,
Him knowing what we will choose.
That doesnt change anything, you see,
He cant “force” us to hear the gospel,
there are people who has never heard it before but why are they created?

When we were made the very first few of our kind,

Adam  and Eve made the decision to give birth to us.
God didnt MAKE them do it!
So we were born, out of free will
and we hear the gospel or not out of the third party influence of whether another person is going to share Christ to us or not is also,
out of free will of that person.
It is sort of “unfair” to them since they were created
and God even knew they would go to hell before they were even born
but you see life in itself is a gift we were born to this world,
and his essence of love is shown to us through motherly love
through how our parents clothed us and taught us.

A book called dantes’ infernal,

these people I’m talking about:
those who never got to hear the message of the gospel
they suffer in a special section of hell well but thats not true.
I disagree with it.
In “Heaven is so real”,
Choo Thomas a prophetess talks about how Hell will look like.
Just imagine a huge basin,
as if an atomic bomb had landed there.
There those non-believers will be,
wandering for eternity.
Not too bad since you have friends at there as well?
No, in there,
the only hope is to hope to get out of that hell hole.
There will be no laughter, only sorrow.
People wandering around in fatigue.

Random random random.

So there is no free will?
Wake up, go back and see,
there is free will.
Just within your grip.


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