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October 30, 2010

Updates on life in 29th and 30th October.

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My dad woke me up at 6 plus today.
Cause I yesterday slept super early yesterday lol.
HUH ): Means what Theresa predicted was correct T_T
I ate waffles for my 3 meals LOL.
Breakfast- 1 Choclate waffle from W1
Lunch- 2 Chocolate + cornflakes waffles from Lawn (3-4 bites she ate)
Dinner- 1 plain waffle + Mint ice-cream + Liquid Hershley chocolate from the kopitiam?
Near Theresa’s house. Ate with Kwan Shyan.
Kwan and I got lost yesterday LOL.
I had fun fellowshipping. But ya la ya la tired la -.- GRRRRRR.

Lol, it’s funny just how different we are yet can click almost instanteously.

I love my guava / gingerbread girl / lu chi / bai chi! :D
LOL I got miss anything out?
After our first group together we immediately started talking online already.
LOL. At first I never really notice her lei. HAHAAHAH.
I think we have a special connection ^^
Yay I’m so happy! Yesterday Theresa said that she wants to go church!
To have fun la, but who doesn’t in the begining?
Made me so damn happy. ♥ Especially because she didn’t want to last Friday.
See? People see us, not God.  That’s why it’s super important to watch our actions and speech.
They can’t see God, but they see how God has changed us and who God’s people are.
I hope that when I invite her for next service she will be willing to come =)
Excited for God! I can’t wait to see how He’s going to move in her life!
She may not come I don’t know. But this is really an encouragment for me!=)
God is faithful indeed ^^

So hungry now. Ate 3-4 pieces of jelly just now.

I like cause it’s boucy and smooth LOL. Sounds wrong.
I like plain jellies {=
Felt a bit burdened just now cause of my classmate.
And I completed my RJ wit the help of Anthony HAHAHAHA!
Thank God for you!
Oh and YAYYYYYYY! I get to design the invite cards for pre-Christmas.
I promise I will try my best to do a Godly job! =)
LOL. So damn happy. ♥♥♥♥♥

 WFL LATER AT 12! I’m going for Life managment essentials. BATHE!

You know what you planned for me G. I may lag now.
But I’m going to experience exponential growth and  be a warrior for Christ!
Faithful potter, mould me, lead me, use me and guide me.
Faithful God, help me to see my potential in you, help me to be a woman of G.
Faithful servant and prophet of God, Elijah, tell me the story of God through your life.
Faithful leader and servant of all, teach me to be more like you.


After WFL, I expect growth!


August 10, 2010

Dancing to a heartbeat

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Shreedhee encouraged me to join Decor. My art sucks seriously -.-
Leanne was pretty excited when she asked me
during service what ministry I want to join and I said Decor.
Hahhas, ok I am also excited about it but yes.
ESS ): When are you coming!
LOL and I haven’t said the second one yet.
Singers. HAHAH. Omg, I should just forget about it-.-
And no uh =.= I’m not thinking of joining just because he’s inside.
I want to join singers! D:
Hahahs yea -.- as if I have the nerve to lol.
I am too much of a stage-fright person LOL.
Ate pizza (again) hahha cognitive facilitator treat.

Went to watch Aftershock with Lingling after school.

Quite a nice movie, I’d like to visit there someday to absorb its surroundings.
I want to sit down and feel its dusty ground and trace along the houses which aged with time.
Where can I find old bricks?
I’d like to play with one.
Seems like a very good place to be alone.
Recently, I want to be with people but yet feel alone at the same time.
It sort of makes me happy.
I evangelised today, I hope God is happy with me ):
I sort of was nervous.
I talked through MSN even though she’s right beside me -.-

Lingling two dogs licked me all over ): So tickle-ish.

She asked me if I have a boyfriend now.
LOL. No -.-
I show her the things lor.
Tell me, I know what I see in you but why do I have to go that extent?
Perhaps I will really be sad then.
I want to hug Vannie tomorrow (:
Our secret affair was exposed on screen today x.x (hahahaha.)

I want to go to an old railway track next shepherding.

And just be quiet there.
With a camera.
Going to watch Step up with Cheryl this Friday.
Why do I feel so much of liking to be alone these days?
I feel like the lone Acacia tree in the middle of the desert.
Why do you let earthquakes and natural disasters happen God?
Everyone is calling me a tree -.-

Do trees fall in love?

May 28, 2010

Hope ID conference 2010

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My OBJECTIVES for Hope ID Conference 2010

  1. To be equipped more strongly with the word of God.
  2. Refine my blibical values.
  3. To learn what is love (in my heart).
  4. Learn to love others.
  5. To be more secure in God / less prideful.

To place obstacles aside is one thing,

to overcome obstacles is another.

February 11, 2010


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Wah.Been thinking what to put as the blog title =.=
I been moved to tertiary :/
Mixed emotions? Happy, Sad, Excited.
Regrets and disappointments, Anticipation and worries.
Hais will be super sad to leave youth ):
After all, its where I grew up in.
Its where I learnt the meaning of family.
Its where I knew Love.
Ahh well (=
Going to have another spiritual family soon but will never forget my first =D HAHA.
The firsts are always the most memorable uh o.o
But I think its a blessing bah (=
After all if I can serve God more in tertiary why not =D
LOL.Qs wants me to keep the spirit and the spirit of humility =X
LOL.I will de okay-.-
27th of Feb will be my last Youth service =X
Wooo Can’t wait to know who my new CL, UL, DL, group and shepherd is! :)
SO exciting eh ^^ 2 weeks after the transfer tertiary CAMP!!! WOOO!
I’m like BOOMZ! =D
I’ve been thinking ._.
How light always envelops darkness
but darkness have always not been able to cover light?
Why do they still desperately try to cover the tracks of the ablazed and earse their presence altogether?
Why is it they try and try and that they do not give up?
Why is it then others who have the light prefer to lead the way through darkness?
Why are you all so foolish?
Did not the light came to serve you, lead you and save you?
Why is it then you’re leading others to the light through darkness?
You have been blessed with INSIGHTS from Heavens above yet you REJECT it!
Why are people so dull?
LOL.Okay random.
Anw, I spent 2 hrs 32 min waiting for the dentist only to be informed that there was a miscommunication=.=
Then when checked up, I have four cavities! x.x SIAN.
I don’t like the drill LOL.
Woots =D Okay I’m going to research on manifestation of insecurities le! =D

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