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August 10, 2010

My dear friend.

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Thanks for apologising uh.
I really didn’t know what to say.
And, it’s time for you to quit smoking.
Social or not, light a not.
It’s bad.
Thanks for sharing life with me.
And thanks a lot ah -.- For fooling me.

You know, maybe he’s giving test of patience and time ba.
some things doesn’t work instaneously which pretty much sucks
but come to think of it if it did we’d all be spoilt brats.
 Me: What made you first convert?

You: curiosity
Me: Curiousity killed you.
You: thanks

Me: well =.=” I can’t say curiousity killed the cat. You’d say I’m not a cat.

You: well
         I was thinking you would say that

Lol. You make me laugh -.-

I know you are hurt.
And even more hurt by the fact nobody is running after you when you left.
Sometimes it’s the after impact which in others see when they leave which defines a Christian and not the process in which they were with them. After all, people change most when not in the company of those.
Understand the above sentence?
Yes, fact is many a times.
The last impression is that of the after shock.
Not the first. Or the process.
Fact is kinder surprise, I still am.
Just that you don’t know.
And I’m glad you don’t.


I am but here waiting for your vulnerability.

Yesterday I’ve decided to be of a vessel,

today He’s already entrusted two into my life.

Thank God.


July 1, 2010

Welcome back buddy

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I was so angry with you I thought it ended there.

I was pissed that you failed to see the reality.
I was stuck on what to say to you.
Every time I see you online,
I try to distract myself away from your nick.
But sometimes I just can’t resist it,
I’d click on you and stone there.
Not knowing how to start,
not knowing how you’d react,
afraid of what you’re going to say.

Eight days, I tried to hide from the fact.

Do you know how much courage it took me, to just say:
:D boo! I 8 days never communicate with u le LOL!
Sure enough, you are wierd as ever.
You were in such a great mood yesterday uh.
Despite all the school you complained,
did you know how happy I felt?
One of the few things that crossed my mind was you constantly commenting how wierd I am.
How wierd I am to still love you as a friend and wanting to talk to you
even though your spastic mean moments lash out at inconvenient times.
Thinking about it I realise that it’s because you felt guilty about it.
Don’t deny it, I have learned to read your indirect conscious.

You know what? You’re right.

I’m still as dumb to love you. This I won’t regret.

May 28, 2010

CG outing to Little India (:

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Heys people! :D I’m back from Little India.LOL.
Indian sweets are super x.x sweet. LOL.
Haha many people loved the milk candy,

I don’t like -.-

In fact I liked nothing much LOL.
Sian, I thought indian sweets is like in wrapper form de LOL.
We went eat Korean since Shareen didn’t know where to go to eat Indian food.
Sad actually.
Go Little India eat Korean. Wth.
LOL. I realise I like the word Wth a lot lol.
I must change this bad habit-.-

Went eat Tao Hui? LOL. Beancurd.

Then went Mac do RJ (: Thank God for my shepherd hahahha.
Discussed with Shareen about the free will thing.
LOL. I like (:
Still this is my conclusion:


Yes, I’ve asked you to take precaution already didn’t I?
When people look at a Christian’s life there are two main types of which they may see:
– Firstly the “flawless” life Christian.
They seem perfect, their life seems to go smoothly, their spiritual life is strong blah whatever.
Secondly, the one with well, a lot more flaws.
Not suprising? We are humans too.

So tired today, thanks Kinder surprise for keeping me awake in class through the MSN! (:

May 27, 2010

The thanks I am unable to express to people I rarely thank.

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Today is the last day of school ._. E26A

I’m not very close to many of my classmates but they are fun people seriously!
I really want to thank God for them for being them (:
Yes because simply put,
it’s when they are being them that they bring blessings in my life!
Throughout this short journey with them,
their various aspects and ways shaped me more spiritually strong – in a good way.
Sometimes I may complain against them because of the little discontentment we have.
But truth is, I never had a class as wonderful as this.
It’s long before I experienced my primary school days – in an even better way.
I really love them and although we still have a little time after the two weeks holiday,
I guess I will miss them in the end.

I didn’t go to the talk yesterday by Pastor Michael.

Was too tired I guess.
And chemistry was hard.
Needed to do RJ man,
although the RJ question was crappy.
Thanks a lot faci -.-
Do you have polar or non polar outlook on various aspects of life? Does it make you overall polar or nonpolar?
Last’s week question:
What is marvellous about you?

Later at 7 going Little India with CG (:

Won’t be going movie with class ):
But never mind (:
Eat indian sweets (:

And of all the people, there was none I really held on to, or held on to me. Every time I got close, I let go because I didn’t feel secure. I let go because i was afraid that one day there will be a repetition of pain. Sometimes I find myself sitting back in reminiscence when I have to watch other people kissing.

Adapted from Kinder surprise
which information is adapted from Lily Allen’s Littlest things.
That’s exactly how I feel at times.

I am afraid to trust.

Kinder surprise,
I’d like to thank you for being you too (:
Although your attitude to others may seem downright stuck up and all that.
But to me it brings more than entertainment.
It brings me comfort in the midst of sarcasm,
it brings me laughter in the midst of insults,
it brings me joy in the knowing you care at moments you give me cracks to looks into your life.
it brings me amusement looking at your very self.
Looking at you just made me feel happy.
Sometimes, it’s indescribable about how I feel,
because many a times,
I saw my life through you.
Thanks for being in my life,
I’d never want to lose you as a friend.
You are special,
you understand.
That satisfies me deep inside.
Man, you’re an interesting guy.

May 19, 2010


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Kinder surprise, you’ve got me thinking again.
Hais, no matter how much I try to escape from the fact, I can’t.
I am going back to researching again.

And I totally agree with what you said.

Although those did pass my mind for moments but I never really went into it, I wanted out.
Thanks for helping me out with what’s precious in my life anyway.
I guess it’s perhaps achievements?
Hais, I’m seriously a nAch person =.=
What’s more laughable is that I was termed something that I didn’t know what it was at first.
A Christian apologist, a minor one.
It’s something I’m not that proud of either.
I’ve considered long and hard whether I should private this, put a password for it or public it.
Because it will be quite stumbling for others, really.

But here it is, I’ve decided to public it.

Some people say that they want the crown of life and that is the most precious thing for them.
Actually, this one is really super obvious le.
Even the bible has said before if what we are seeking after is not God,
even our crown of lives will be taken from us.
 When you focus on the crown and just do it because of rewards, you give up your seat for a reward unseen, you give up your life to save someone for a reward unseen.
  • Have you ever asked God to do things like if I do this, God you give me something in return?
It’s not the same as doing it for God, It’s doing it for self-fulfilment.
And you realize there a whole bunch of people who don’t see that. 
An individual makes a huge difference.
And because certain Christian organizations are making a big fool of themselves,
 people start to think they have rights to comment on the whole mass and core teachings.
One day this gets the whole congregation killed
And Christians will be the reason why they are hated and persecuted.
Yes, themselves.

Sad, but true.

God was never really the centre of anyone’s life.
In fact, nobody is anywhere near there.
If he was at the centre someone would have made a huge difference somewhere at least.
You can safely say there’s no absolute, people fail.
Humans are imperfect they sin.
They fall short of the perfect standard of God.
Yes even Father Abraham sinned.
He is not perfect and that means he has already not reached the perfect mark.
That’s human nature.
One fail = one degree away = not in the centre
What are the odds?

Sounds very much like an anti-Christ talking uh?

But if you really think about it, it’s true.
But what’s not true about not being able to go heaven is that:
– Jesus has died for us, so our sins, will ultimately be forgiven.
We may not be perfect, but we have already had a perfect sacrifice who died for us.

But this doesn’t mean not doing God’s work.

Because God will ask you this one question when you get up there:
What have you done and why have you done what you done?

I’m walking the same path as you. But, I choose to walk on the sidewalk instead of the pavement.

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