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July 5, 2010

Letter 2: Lover.

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Lover, hmm. God? :/ Ahh well.

To my lover: Dear God,
here’s your child speaking. The sad thing is that I won’t get to die, well I have to wait for another time. Well, let’s get on with this letter (: You know, I don’t exactly know your name or how you look like. But hey, although that gives me the reason to doubt I guess I can’t after all the miracles you’ve gave in my life. Hey dad, thanks for looking after me these many years even though I haven’t been exactly obedient. I have been defiant, unyielding and stubbornly refused you many a times. But you still loved me. Thank you God for being my best friend. I know I have broken your heart many a times and have left you countless times for desires and sins. You have patiently guided me to the way of life but I have also constantly strayed from it, I have shouted at you. Hurled insults and in the past, vulguar at you. Everything seemed to be your fault when things are down. I never seemed to appreciate you enough and the sinful things I do, breaks your heart. But you still loved me.
Thank you God for being my protector, I have often gotten myself into undesirable situations but you have always ben there, holding your protection around what might harm me. You have also protected me from my thoughts, wild and tame. I have not only not been appreciative of it, I have complained against it. But you still loved me. Thank you for being a teacher, someone who pastors and stretches me. Someone who knows how far my limit is and stretches me accordingly. Someone who loves me for who I am, even when I’m not exactly the best student around. Thank you God, for being God. Thank you for who you are and the spiritual giftings and the calling you have gave me. Thank you for always believing in me and using me to do the impossible. Although I do complain about all these, you still loved me. Thank you God,

i ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ  √ ٥υ ♥


May 1, 2010

Nightmares about the end times.

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I had two nightmares yesterday ):
One out of godly fear another out of worldly fear.
Hahah perhaps its because I felt excited when I read in the revelation chapter 7 about he 144,000 sealed.

I thought it  was funny LOL! Cause I saw the tribe of Asher.

Then I think of Dewen HAHA!
Hahah well, my first dream I was in JSS LOL!
What am I doing there anw-.-
Well  but we were doing preparations or smthin the hall.
And why was Shreedhee there?=.=
Then I suddenly felt scared. Haahha.
Because I heard the trumpet sounded.
Then I sort of pleaded with God ba.
I pleaded with Him if I were part of the 144,000.
Take me away now! LOL! Cause I scared haha.
Hahah and I saw myself gone in  a flash of light LOL!
In time before God made His judgement.

Yea then I woke up.

At 7 am plus in the morning =.=
Then I went back to sleep.LOL!
But I think God wants to remind me today that,
we don’t have as much time as we think we have.
While the world out there is fighting for temporary love,
we’re out there fighting to bring salvation to them.
How queer is it for those who want love,
yet do not want a perfect and everlasting love.

How long people are you going to choose suffering instead of life?

April 30, 2010

Light in hands or heart?

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In His Hands by lonelyghost87.

I had a vision of one of the leaders holding a light in his hands. (Kaien :D Hahas!)
He stared and stared at it.
I pushed his head down towards it and he swallowed it in.
And God spoke.
Many a times, we doubt if there’s eternal life.
Many a times we doubt if Jesus even gives us life.
But the truth is we’re the ones who reject this eternal life.
And the tragic part is, many of us hold this light of life in our hands but ask God : Are you really God?
Sometimes, God uses tragedies to catch our attention.
To direct our eyes to the light in our hands.
Because many of us failed to see the light,
many of us doubt that Jesus exists.
Many of us see the light but are afraid to receive it.
Many of us hesitate even before we reached this light.
Many of us just simply reject this light as evil.

How can light be evil?

I’ve wondered and wondered and pondered for days.
And I finally realise why so many people in this world are suffering.

Its because they failed to see and receive the light.

Just how long are you going to reject Him, people?

February 11, 2010


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Wah.Been thinking what to put as the blog title =.=
I been moved to tertiary :/
Mixed emotions? Happy, Sad, Excited.
Regrets and disappointments, Anticipation and worries.
Hais will be super sad to leave youth ):
After all, its where I grew up in.
Its where I learnt the meaning of family.
Its where I knew Love.
Ahh well (=
Going to have another spiritual family soon but will never forget my first =D HAHA.
The firsts are always the most memorable uh o.o
But I think its a blessing bah (=
After all if I can serve God more in tertiary why not =D
LOL.Qs wants me to keep the spirit and the spirit of humility =X
LOL.I will de okay-.-
27th of Feb will be my last Youth service =X
Wooo Can’t wait to know who my new CL, UL, DL, group and shepherd is! :)
SO exciting eh ^^ 2 weeks after the transfer tertiary CAMP!!! WOOO!
I’m like BOOMZ! =D
I’ve been thinking ._.
How light always envelops darkness
but darkness have always not been able to cover light?
Why do they still desperately try to cover the tracks of the ablazed and earse their presence altogether?
Why is it they try and try and that they do not give up?
Why is it then others who have the light prefer to lead the way through darkness?
Why are you all so foolish?
Did not the light came to serve you, lead you and save you?
Why is it then you’re leading others to the light through darkness?
You have been blessed with INSIGHTS from Heavens above yet you REJECT it!
Why are people so dull?
LOL.Okay random.
Anw, I spent 2 hrs 32 min waiting for the dentist only to be informed that there was a miscommunication=.=
Then when checked up, I have four cavities! x.x SIAN.
I don’t like the drill LOL.
Woots =D Okay I’m going to research on manifestation of insecurities le! =D

November 26, 2009

Coming down in robes of Light.

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Had Life group today :D
Had teaching played a childish game then head down to JP kopitiam to fellowship.
Fellowshipping with Quan Sheng is definetly different=.=
So wierd LOL.haha.
We emerged from JP after that to see a warm illuminating light.
It was so beautiful, so holy.
Haha cause it bathed us in light and although bright, wasn’t hot at all.
Amazing isn’t it (:
He’s coming back sooner than we think yupp :D
I sort of saw the sun as a human shape for a moment.
Obviously I was shocked.
LOL.But I’ve just seen Jesus in holy robes of light (:
I need a vision ):
I’ve opened a new bank acc! :D
The colour red exists to show the new life Jesus’s blood will give to us.
Vibrant and bright it never ceases to renew.

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