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June 3, 2010


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Back from the dentist,
really have to thank God for being God.
I don’t know whatever miracle He did.
Either He made that decay less deep or He simply took the pain away.
Because it really didn’t hurt as much.
Which in simple fact,
is a miracle.
Well at first there were few tingling of pain,
cause I obviously didn’t trust He take the pain away (haha).

But I slowly relaxed and allowed Him to work.

And poof (: Even when the drill touched the deepest part,
no pain xD
Haa, so which guy said no pain no gain?
I no pain but I got gain ahhahahaha =D
Alrightes, have to take more notice of my teeth le.
It’s really funny how I’m scared of this kind of pain =.=”
Hmm, but the total costed $51.
Kind of cheap actually.
Cause I was expecting up to hundreds LOL.

Went RP to return book.

Sian, I’m one day late.
Brought Large subway and headed home.
I guess I will start give 5 thanksgiving to God everyday.
In the hope of becoming more joyful LOL.

May 28, 2010

Seeing God in His robes of light.

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– God shows Himself in different ways with different people.

– God showed himself in the person of Jesus Christ long ago.

And Jesus, who was God in flesh (John 1:1, 14; Colossians 2:9), walked among people, many denied who he was (people couldn’t recognize God!)

– He shows Himself to non-believers / Christians through Christians

Take for example, we might have a problem with a particular sin and we’ve been praying about it, asking God to give us strength to overcome.  We might encounter people who talk to us about the issue very specifically even when they did not know we are encountering that particular problem.

Is this from God? Why wouldn’t it be? Why wouldn’t God use such things as a way to reveal his work in the world? Afterall God’s ways are higher than ours.

– God reveals himself to us through the conviction of our heart

Sometimes we sin, and the Lord will very clearly convict us. We experience a certain and profound sense of anguish and guilt about our sin. Only after confession and repentance to God is the sensation of conviction relieved.

This is the work of God inside a person, because as a parent, God loves His children. No He didn’t purposely wanted to make His children feel guilty but instead, He wants to bring change to them, to mould them to be a better person than they are now.

Believe me, the process is sometimes hard and seems unyielding but after you look back, you be amazed by how He changed you.

– God reveals Himself through testimonies

Probably the most common and well-known. It can be as simple as how God blessed you to as profound as how God works through our lives with miracles.

*SIN is anything that falls short of the perfect standard of God.

May 9, 2010


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We should build our church on the rock- Jesus christ.

It’s true that we should learn from Jesus to be firm in God, to be a rock.
But today on the MRT station, God dropped me this.
I was thinking about the MRT tracks.
Like why go through so much trouble to put rocks on MRT tracks anyway?
Think think think.
Rocks : Hard, mostly rough around the edges.
Uses : Weightage.
How I smiled!
It’s funny. How humorous my God can be.

I believe many people out there, their hearts are like these rocks.

Their hearts, are hardened.
Their hearts, have not been yet moulded by God.
Their hearts are full of burdens.
Unneccessary weightages.

True isn’t it?

And many a times, the MRT will jerk because of these rocks that stand directly in front of the MRT tracks.
We are like the MRT that faces these many hardened hearts – EVERYDAY!
We stumble, we jerk.
But we should never leave the track, because that is the right way!
And this will be how God treats these hardened hearts during the end times.
They will be seperated from the rest like the parable of the wheats and weeds.
The weeds will always be in our lives.
But we must remember, God will allow them to grow together.
But its the end times that will make all the difference.
There will be weeping and the gnashing of teeth.
How terrible is it for those who are there then.

But are Christians really being the light they should be today?

I don’t think so.
Not many are.
Really, how much time do we have left?
How many of you here, are still resisting?
How many more will be striked out from your book?
How many more then will be saved?

This I do not know, but what I know is that I must believe in the impossible.

Because you believed in me.
Because you put people, leaders in my life who believed in me.
You have overcomed, and the impossible came to be saved.
Who’s on the bigger side of the magnifying glass?
Lord, I want it to be you.

Because the impossible has been saved. And I am the impossible.

April 20, 2010


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Ahhhh. I’m so used to the mouse that I forget and try to grab it every once and then.
LOL.But obviously -.- There’s nth there.
But I do bring my mouse and pad though hahahah xD
The temptation to not bring the battery is high~
And I’m super tired ):
I don’t know why.
I just sit there also never exercise-.-

I old already.

LOL. Must be the laptop HAHAHHA.
LOL. I wish  that laptops are weightless ):
Hhahaha. Awww now can only see crystal every sat ):
So sad.
But I know next year or next next year she will come with us again most prob HAHAH.
Cause her bro grad LOL.
Yay, today we went eat kopitiam.
I ate pork ribs+ egg+2 piece of lettuce + rice.
I wanted to eat mac de Cinnamon melts de but everybody wanted to go home-.-
Hahaha I think I got improvment in my r/s with someone ;D


Wah, poly life is like long.
 I think other than sunday, I everyday only at night will be at home hahaahahaha.
Like poly is my camp ground le x.x
I think IG display tmr?
I want to join silat HAHAH.
But I don’t want be only chinese ): LOL
So maybe will see first lor.
I first year no sports already so tired,
next time everyday sports plus one fighting IG is like wahhh.
SIAN. Die already.
Hahaha ooh and I believe God has indeed placed many people in my life to bless me.
You know on the road back, I tell God : I’m tired.
Then immediately all the “reserved seats” people walked out lei HAAHAHAHAH.
But Yea, LOL.
Today train journey there was also a miraculous one.
After I missed the first train,
I scared I late sia.

Then almost immediately another train pulled out o.o

It’s like wahh.
Then the journey from JE to woodlands is amazing (:
EMPTY. I can choose. HAHAHAH
My class today suddenly very interested in Illuminatis LOL.
 Shafie lor -.-“
WOOO okay (: God is a good God!

December 7, 2009

Realisations and victories (:

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YAYYYY :D I’m finally a harvester le!!! xD 
Yes like after so long-.-
I think QS wants to eat my money only HAHA LOL.
Thank you people who been supporting me all this while ^^
Special thanks to Yong Li and Regina bear!!! :D
Without your backing me up last time.
I might as well have backslided x.x
I got a burn while doing macdonald’s french fries o.o
Very ugly-.- Don’t freak out when you see it haha :D
But it wasn’t painful at all! Thank God! (:
I didn’t even ask Him to take away pain eh ._.
Wah^^ so caring wor hahaha.
These few days God kept reminding how perfect His plan for me is.
But you know, I was NEVER satisfied.
I kept asking for change change change, so God changed.
He changed my office gift.
But two days ago I realised that hey, this isn’t how I am to be.
This isn’t how He created me to be.
This isn’t my holy discontent.
This is NOT my PLAN!
I broke down and asked for forgiveness.
God, I told Him, I’m sorry.
I want my old office gift back.
I’m sorry I asked for change.This isn’t what I wanted.
This isn’t what you made me to be.
Please God, I’m sorry, can you please give me back my gift?
Haha yea. And it took just one person for me to realise that (:
Thank God for you Gek kim!
We were discussing about random stuffs and we touched on the backsliding topic.
One of our Life group mate has already backslided recently.
I went home, didn’t think much about it.
But God REMINDED me of it.
My holy discontent just burned.
I felt the intense pain Jesus felt for this child of His.
And at that moment, not only did I refound my purpose in life.
Not only did I realise my not long ago casted away holy discontent.
I realised I WAS WRONG.
So blinded by pride I was, I didn’t realise, I didn’t understand what it meant by perfect.
Haha I need to curb my pride again (:
Not that it increased. It didn’t, it was simply not enough for God.
It was not enough, I need to do more.
Thank God for you Yu Nian (:
Because of your simple action, your simple praise I realised what it really meant by being humble.
Still etched deeply into my mind is your act that day.
By drinking that really putrid-.- cup of bubble tea and praising it you taught me a lot more than you could if you gave me a teaching.
When passed around, everybody exclaimed it was horrid.
But you happily dranked every drop of its content.
Of course everyone of us there thought you’re crazy your taste bud got problem. haha.
But it was an act of humility o.o
Of course-.- that’s what Quan Sheng told me but I thought he was crazy also haha.
Ya, for a prideful person like me-.-
Must have self realisation LOL.
Persecution persecution.
My mum suddenly asked me how much I give to church.
I say ten percent.
Then she very unhappy-.-
Oh well, she doesn’t understand yet.
No use explaining to her now. She will just think money money money LOL.
No worries (: God got me covered hahah :D
I also realised there are many false pastors around ):
Pastors only after the comfort of life and money.
Disappointed. But it was meant to be.
So many miracles. So many obstacles.
Ever ran a race or entered a competition?
What is your eyes fixed on?
The first prize or the real prize?
I realised this when I was slacking yesterday.LOL insomnia!!!
What are my eyes really fixed on?
The mansions, houses in heaven? Or God Himself?
Well people (: Are you set to change the world?
Love people, love GOD :D
For you God, I’m going to be a POWERFUL christian! :D
ka-pow!!! xD LOL

November 18, 2009

I’m blessed!!! :D

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I went for Job interview today :P
And god sent so many people to watch over me!!! x.x
woahh!!! I’ve never felt so protected ever!!! o.o
God is indeed our caring shepherd + Father!
Throughout the whole journey, I felt assured that I wouldn’t go the wrong way.
Haha. Then came the really amazing part.
I regret the bus ride and the interview, but I’m glad I came (:
If not won’t be able to feel God’s POWER!!!
The whole place was littered with factories.
How am I supposed to find the factory right=.=
The person keep telling me got a rooster statue.
Wahlao, the statue how big only sia-.-
A worker ask me where I was going and he told me the directions.
Obviously, I have very poor sense of direction since I go the wrong way LOL.
But when I turned back, guess who I saw? (:
The worker haha.
He offered me a ride in the lorry LOL.
Got two workers, one indian another chinese.
Then he drove me there haha.
The interviewer SOOO FIERCE!
Like interrogating me like that=.=
But when I say I saturday cannot work cause got service o.o
Is sell woman apparel de though, clothes.
SO I’m not working LOL.
Then on the way back, I lost again LOL.
See? Walk back also don’t know haha.
Then I walk and talk with bighead YongLi on the phone.
After I put down the phone, I walk.
And another uncle, chinese, older than the previous one drove me to the bus stop haha.
Ya, luckily la=.=
If not I think I wander there for hours.
So happy (:
The reason why I wasn’t scared of getting abducted or anything is that I know, its God at work :P
And I discerned them before that obviously -.-
God’s blessings is in abundance!
So even though very tired-.-
I think it’s really worth it seeing God send people to my rescue :P
But without knowing the gospel they can’t be saved D:
Without accepting Jesus, they can’t be saved.
I am more convicted in my office gift than ever! :D
I think God purposely de hor ._.
Make me from not like to like.
The cross may not be fully accepted for what it represents but I have to do what I was called to do :)
Still, I must thank God for feeding my holy discontent.
Thank you Abba father :DDD
Oh and I have decided :P
I shall take the paintball instructor and macdonalds (:
I do hope the career motivator employer would call though ._.
Leave it to God ba ;D
My powerful daddy ♥
How much proof do you need? How much miracles do you need see?
Wake up, and take those boards out of your eyes, my child.

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